What is the current marriage rate compared to the current divorce rate?

You asked: What is the current marriage rate compared to the current divorce rate.

The marriage and divorce rates are different in every country.

If you want the U.S. rates, go here:

  1. Marriage rate: As U.S. marriage rate hovers at 50%, education gap in marital status widens
  2. Divorce rate (this is more complex, because some marriages end by separating, but not legally divorcing): What Is the Divorce Rate, Really?

Is it true that fast reps give strength and slow reps give muscles?

Fast reps make you more explosive.I know this because when I was training my vertical jump for dunking I figured out that plyometrics combined with squats, deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, and lunges done fast increases my explosiveness and power compared to doing them slow.Slow Reps (Especially the Eccentric part done slow) Increase Muscle Mass, I know this by experience.

Does a child have a right to ask their parents for the money that their parents borrowed?

Let's see if this is correct.Yes, they borrowed money from you.The entrepreneur I have alway been at 13 I had $830.00 saved up. That a lot of yard mowing, gas was $0.29ยข/gallon. My mom asked if she could borrow some money for a ticket to see her parents for reasons I won't get into.I gave her

How to build up my body

First you need to understand for what your building up your body. Whether it's for looking good or whether it's for any sports or a competition?For good looking physiqueFor this, you need to fix your priorities. I'm assuming that you are just starting things up. So, your priority list goes some thing like this :Sholders