What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?

What is the customary amount to tip in Japan, and would it ever be considered offensive?

You don't tip in Japan. Tips are included in the waiter, bellhop, barber's wages or salary and included in the price of the goods or service. It's why everything is so expensive in Japan. So in essence you already do pay tip. They get livable wages with health care if they work more than 30 hours a week.

it's not that tipping is offensive. it's their attltude towards owning money isn't the same as in the west. westerners have the ‘finders keepers, losers weepers. sucka!' attitude towards money and possessions, it's is so western culture. However, in Japan it's like 'OMG! i found a 10,000 yen bill. how will i return it to it's rightfull owner? it's not my money, i don't want money that's not mine to begin with.‘ and they will feel guilt and shame if they cannot return it. Japanese think the money isn't theirs to begin with and they will chase you down in the parking lot if you leave any amount on money on the table. i've done a social experiment. i once left 2 yen. like 3 cents on my restaurant table and i was chased down in the parking lot.

i do tip the pizza delivery person. i know it's against their culture. But i order pizza on cold rainy nights. So i Explained in Japanese that l was grateful for the warm delicious pizza. And delivering the pizza in cold and rain. And that that pizza delivery person should buy himself a warm coffee from a vending machine. i only tip 120 yen for a 2,500 yen pizza from Pizza-La or Aoki's pizza. The pizza delivery person seemed willing to take the tip and he now kind of expects tip.

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