What is the difference between Kashmiri almond, Gurbandi almond, Mamra almond and American almond? Do they differ in nutritional value?

Almonds: American v/s Mamra

Almonds :
Mamra vs American.
Do you know the nutritional value difference..?
Both varieties tested at well known (CFTRI) Central Food Technological Research Institute. for nutritional values.. results were as follows. Lab report..
1) American badam has higher Protein & Vitamin A, B, E, (40.82) compared to mamra (17.29)

2) American has Omega 3 Vitamin (0.11) mamra (NIL).

3) Mamra has higher Fat (oil) (75.50) compared to american (40.56)

4) Mamra has higher total Sugar (10.96) american (4.55)

5) Mamra has higher Carbohydrate (40.05) american (10.26)

6) Mamra has higher Calories (753) american (234)
But a few people will arise questions and they need answers:
Q.1) Why mamra is so expensive compared to american badam?

Ans - : American badam is 85% of entire world production. Mamra, which is grown in Iran, and Afghanistan is only about 3-4% of world supply. Naturally, less supply less production keeps the price high.
Q.2) Why american badam has 85% of market share?

Ans - : One word : YIELD or Productivity. With advancement in science and technology, American badam gets 4 to 5 times yield per acre and therefore cost and price is lower.
Q.3) Why do people still prefer mamra?

Ans - : In olden days only Kings and rich people use to eat mamra. So has become a kind of Status symbol and brand image. Certain persons get pleasure and satisfaction in using the most expensive brand, irrespective of the fact whether it is useful or not.
So honestly speaking, Avoid mamra badam, there is no need to pay 3 times more money on Mamra. American is much better.. scientifically tested & proved.

Dr. Praveen Sharma at 04:56

I read it on a blog, Thanks for the good information Dr. Sharma.

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