What is the difference between an 'auto accident' and a 'traffic accident'?

Largely semantic, like "pop" and "soda" mean the same thing.

Where I used to work in LA, they were TCs (Traffic Collisions).

Here in Honolulu, they're Auto Accidents.

They both mean the same type of incident, basically some sort of car crash. Whether that's a single vehicle, two vehicles, a pickup truck and a semi, or a minivan, or SUV rollover, or a pedestrian (or bicyclist or motorcyclist or moped rider, etc) was struck in a hit and run, or any other variation.

Just a different regional way of saying the exact same thing, at least in my experience.

What health foods do more damage than good?

SugarThis is often  listed as public enemy number one. It is a significant cause of obesity  and diabetes, according to the American Heart Association. Sugar also  puts stress on the pancreas, liver and digestive system. The nervous  system is said to be compromised by

What's a good way to meditate?

I am happy for the questioner as you got interest in meditation which is the most important in life :)I have been meditating from past 6 months, I feel great and very thankful for my life.Coming back to your question,I would prefer to take a walk or go on a jog before the meditation, when

Which is better for skinny people, a mass gainer or whey protein?

It DependsWhey protein contains mainly protein, while mass gainer contains protein plus lots of carbohydrates. In other words, think of taking whey protein as being the equivalent of eating a chicken breast, while mass gainer is like eating a chicken alfredo pasta.taking mass gainer