What is the difference between customer service and food service in a fast food place?

Food service is about everything related to preparing and serving food which is worth eating, from the food itself to cook times, cleanliness, proper storage, safe serving practices, and packaging.

Customer service is primarily focused on correctly taking and relaying your order to those preparing it, money handling, and customer satisfaction.

Both terms are different because if you talk about customer service that means the services which provide to customer like how you attend the customer, what facilities you provide to a customer, discount offers in your products for your customer etc.

And food service means service of your food like quality of your food, presentation of your food when your serve, taste of your food etc.

Both are different but when we talk about a restaurant then customer service and food service relate to each other.

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What is the total number of countries in the world?

It depends largely on your definition of the word country, and your political viewpoint.The UN has 192 member states [1].Depending on your political viewpoint, feel free to add to that any areas which are recognised as sovereign states by other UN states, or

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The other way round has happened. I was boarding a public transport bus and at the same time another person who is elder to me boarded the bus and there was only one seat. Out of courtesy I asked him if he wanted to sit as he seemed to have hurt his leg