What is the difference between exercise and yoga? Do they have the same similarities?

Yoga and exercise are not the same. ... Though all of these are aimed at maintaining and improving health, few understand the difference between the Yoga asanas and other forms of fitness methods.The fundamental difference between yoga and other forms of exercise (running,working out at a gym, etc.) is that while regular exercise is intended to tone and strengthen the body, yoga's intention goes well beyond body toning. There are a number of similarities between exercise and the physical aspects of yoga and they therefore are not necessarily distinct practices as yoga can be considered as form of exercise.The differences between yoga and exercise will depend on the type of yoga or exercise being practiced and it should be noted that certain types of yoga.

  1. In yoga, sub-cortical regions of brain dominate /In exercise cortical regions of brain dominate
  2. Yoga is anabolic which conserve energy / Exercise is catabolic which is capable of breaking down the energy
  3. Yoga practices slow dynamic movements / Exercise involves rapid forceful movements
  4. Yoga practices reduced muscle tension, progressive movements / Exercise involves increased muscle tension
  5. Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments / Exercise has a higher risk of injury
  6. Yoga leads to relatively low caloric consumption / Exercise leads to moderate to high caloric consumption
  7. In yoga, energizing (breathing is natural or controlled) / Exercise fatiguing (breathing is taxed).
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Is it compulsory to intake protein shakes or powder when you join gym for body building?

Get ready for the wall of text....Most certainly not. Protein shakes can help add that extra protein when eating a rounded diet. A good diet does not require protein shakes however. If you are eating the correct amount

What is the most boring sport to watch?

My list of most boring sports to watch:Soccer-would someone please score alreadyIce hockey-soccer on ice with pads and sticksIce dancing/skating-I don't get all the jumps and twizzlesMMA fighting- two guys in their underwear grabbing each other and rolling around on the floor look like they are fighting for who is going to be on top or bottomNASCAR-left

What is the relationship between depression and physical pain?

Depressed people report significantly more pain than non-depressed people. But...When their pain thresholds are tested, depressed people are significantly less sensitive to pain than non-depressed people.Now, pain is a weird thing, because it's an emotional reaction to strong stimuli, which is why things that don't actually damage