What is the difference between 'lesbian," 'gay," 'bisexual," 'transgender," and 'queer'?

Lesbians are women who identify as women and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other women who identify as women.

Gay men are men who identify as men and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other men who identify as men.

Lesbian women sometimes also identify as gay.

Bisexual people are people who are romantically and sexually interested in both men and women.

Transgender people are people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Some people choose to medically transition to another gender though hormones and/or surgery. Some do not. Some people prefer to be called the gender they identify with and do not want the word trans to modify it. So a person who was assigned male at birth who transitions and is now a woman, wants to be called a woman. Other people prefer to be called trans-women. Some people become non-binary people. Some people see themselves on the trans-scale and refer to themselves as trans-masculine or trans-feminine.

Pansexual people are people who are attracted to multiple genders.

Queer is an umbrella term. It used to be an insult. People have decided to reclaim it. Anyone in the lgbt umbrella can call themselves queer. Some people choose to do this. Some do not.

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