What is the difference between spiritual and emotional?

A spiritual person is empathatic but not emotional. An emotional person seeks for sympathy rather than knowledge.

A spirtual person accepts life as it is. He understands that difficulties shall always be there. The bigger challange is howver to excercise self control. Such a person makes peace with himself and looks the world through a neutral perspective. No one is his foe, nor anyone is his friend. He is not swoon by other peoples expressions. He can take love and insult in the same way and can still smile because for him the entire world is a game board. He grows up above from being a plaything and rather becomes and observer.

An emotional person is just the opposite. He is self engrossed and deeply affected by things going around him. He doesnt see the bigger picture, the actions of people which lead to results and rather keeps taking actions without self control. He lacks empathy and seeks for sympathy. He needs a shoulder to cry on, but never looks for the real path to destroy the sorrow. Subconsciously, he enjoys the pain!

I think of "spiritual" as what Marshall McCluhan called a "blab word". A word which seems to have a meaning but which is almost impossible to define. Seems to mean different things to different persons.

My own definition is "How people think about and react to things that they only imagine to exist."

Emotions are primitive reactions that date to very primitive existence and arise from the most primitive structures in the brain. The "limbic system". They are all survival responses. Fear, anger, lust, that sort of thing.

All vitally necessary for the survival of most all organisms. In modern humans, who have evolved considerable brain structure "on top" of those more primitive structures, the emotions are now often filtered through our more rational thought processes and also conditioned by culture.

When we hear a loud noise, we do not any more start climbing the nearest tree. But, we do "duck and scan" to see the source of the noise and decide if it's dangerous or not.

Even with our large and complex brains, the emotions can still overwhelm our rationality. This is necessary, lest while trying to examine a potential danger with our critical-thinking facilities, we get run over by a bus.

Some people are more in control of emotional responses than others; we all know people who "wear their hearts on their sleeve" and react strongly to even very minor occurrences, and others who seem unaffected even by severe tragedy.

I see the spiritual as the "watcher" or the sense of awareness behind the experiences of the mind. The emotional is the physical sensation the "watcher" notices. For instance, when I'm angry I notice it's a hot, compressing, tightening sensation in my chest. The "I" in this case is the "watcher." It watches the experiences. The knowledge of this separation and the release from its grip is the goal of many religions in my opinion.

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