What is the difference in american and indian dating culture?


-Never been to America.

-Yet to see various groups of the country

-Answers written based solely on the experience felt and Movies/TV series watched.

Once I and my friends were discussing why it takes 150 rupees for a cup of coffee in CCD. What I feel is it is because in India they provide the environment where you could be free with your partner. That 150 Rupees is not just for the coffee it is for the fact that you could hold hands of your partner in that confinement of wall without being even a bit hesitant about the scenario. People would not be judging or ogling you there.


  1. In India we are quick at saying those three magical words and late at sleeping together.

    We know each other, say I love you, I am gonna marry you, Marry then Sleep together.

    In America they know each other emotionally, on the fourth or fifth date know each other physically, spent some time together say I love you, say I am going to marry you, marry.
  2. The concept of loving someone in India is mostly inspired by Darr or Ranjhana where a guy says I love you to a girl first time after meeting her. The girl after recovering from her shock says I am not interested in you or it is too early to decide in any case we start stalking her and doing all sort of illogical things that we should not (at least at this stage) like planning what would be the name of our children.
    In America theya are quick at saying that they are attracted to the opposite (or same) gender and keep the case shut the moment one of them says NO.
  3. (Edit-1) You would not find a girl saying " Mai kuch cheezon ko shaadi ke baad ke liye bachana chati hun " (translation: I want to save something for after wedding) in america.


  1. There are no morale police in America.
    Funny thing is most of the times I find morale police as those who once failed to do what they are banning people to do.
    One such instance which I remember vaguely (read in the TOIlet paper) that certain members of a political party in Maharashtra (you know which one) asked Neetu Chandra to spend some time in a party with them. She refused and then they created a protest that what Neetu Chandra usually does in bollywood is against the Indian culture.
  2. In America they do not perform Honor killing.
  3. In India you do not get the right environment to date. People would always be ogling you even when you taking a walk with you girlfriend. It is rightly said in various Facebook trolls that in India you could pee in public but can not kiss in public while in foreign countries the opposite is true.
  4. Since most of the persons (at least in my environment) are single so they never exactly get the concept of dating someone.
    For ex. According to one of my friend you can beautiful only to the ones that you are dating. Failing this comes as an infidelity in his dictionary. I do not blame him for his remark it is just a matter of exposure. Since he had never been on the other side of the road he has his own version of that.
  5. We Indians still live in a era where some part of the society strongly believes that arrange marriage is always better than love marriage. Though gradually we are moving to an environment where your love interest later becomes spouse.

Because we are still in a state where we have to teach people not to kill girl child, implementing the idea of dating is like reaching for moon.

Even in this era where gen X still prefer watching ballika vadhu, taarak mehta ka ulta chashma (i have strong points to prove that it is sexist), etc. it is nearly impossible that the older generation will understand and accept the concept of dating. If only they understand they can set ground rules for children and help them if any situation arise.

And lets look at the current dating scenarios. Just look over youtube and you can see how sleezy and creepy and rowdy indian men are. Men stalk women and if the girl denies the guy, he may take horrendous actions to harm her. I know this happens in USA too. But then the law over there doesnt deny the case because they were dating. Indian law doesnt work even in favour of opposite genders interacting with each other, leave alone dating laws. Why would women take such risks?

And I strongly believe that its the media that doesn't let this culture evolve. Because bollywood movies are all about men stalking women and even today (its just that nowadays it happens in foreign countrie. Thats it). A man was not charged in australian court for stalking two women because it was proved that chasing women is part of Indian culture *sigh*.

This picture won't change for the next 50 years (give or take 15 years), as long as gen x will be in politics.

We must first work towards teaching men to respect women and break all the sexist stereotypes. Then only women can feel safe while dating.

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