What is the easiest and fastest way to make pancakes?

All you really need is flour, baking powder and water, plus a bit of butter or other grease for frying. Mix the flour and baking powder, about 1 teasoon of powder to a cup of flour is about right. Add the water until you have a gloppy looking batter mixture. Do not worry about small lumps in it because they will vanish in cooking but overmixing the batter to get rid of them will make the pancakes tough.
Melt the butter in the pan and fry the pancakes at medium or low medium heat. You want them to cook through without burning. When the bubbles have broken and are little holes, and the top is starting to dry flip them over and cook just long enough to toast the second side.

I like using milk instead of water.

Eggs, milk, fruit, sugar, butter, oil, are all things you can add to the batter mix and are all good but if all you have is flour, baking powder and water you can still make a pancake.

If you use baking soda instead of baking powder you should have something sour to react with it. Buttermilk, or milk soured with vinegar is common.

If you mix the batter very thick, more like a dough, you have bannock.
It can be fried or baked and used like bread.
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I was at an office party yesterday.The number of gentlemen at the party was 25.The number of women at the party was 2.The men were both married & single.The two women were my married colleague & myself.The event was at a sports bar.My colleague was

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Well, it all depends on how paranoid you are, or in other words how likely you find it that the device is malicious. You could use one of the following method, ranging from a little foolish (paranoia level 1) up to military grade safety (paranoia level 6). These steps however don't take into account devices which

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Here is an article with an interview of the Michelin Guide then Editor in Chief which explains what Inspectors do and how they are recruited: http://www.lhotellerie-restaurat...Main points are:Michelin receives a high number of Open candidaciesThey have a very low turn-over as most Inspectors stay for years so very few openingsSometimes they