What is the easiest technique of relaxing your body?

There are actually quite a few easy ways to relax your body. The easiest by far is by taking deep, intentional breaths. I say intentional because we are always mindlessly breathing. We would be dead if we weren't, but you need to be mindful of your breath in order to harness it for relaxation.

Breathing, aside from keeping you alive, has plenty of benefits. It slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure. This is great because both of these things can skyrocket when you're under a lot of stress. So, by breathing slowly, deeply, and intentionally, you can reduce your stress quickly and easily.

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Should I start learning Python with Lynda.com or Learn Python The Hard Way?

I suggest you get yourselve a really good book, which goes by every concept in detail. Online Video Tutorials & Training is an excellent resource, but it just give you a quick overview of the concepts. I normally use

How did Microsoft Excel win over all the other spreadsheet apps?

Contrary to some answers my response is simple: the competition failed to quickly commit to the MS Windows platform. One might attribute the success of Windows to hardware bundling; I'd argue it's been generally good for consumers but that's a separate discussion. But MS Excel? No, that became

Can Microsoft Office Excel do database stuff?

It depends on what kind of stuff you would like to achieve.Here I provide some differences between a Excel spreadsheet and a database application.1. Database application can store relations between your data, where spreadsheet worksheets are independent entities.2. Database applications can be shared among many users more easily.3. You can enforce