What is the easiest way to gain followers on Instagram?

Using the Follow/Unfollow technique may be the most effective method for gaining followers. But it is not the only way.

Gaining real follower on Instagram mainly relies on your engagement and visibility on Instagram. Because the more visible you are on Instagram, the more you get engaged with other users, and the more they follow you.

But now the question is this: how do I rocket up my visibility and engagement on Instagram?

Following these suggestions and tips helps you increase your engagement on Instagram dramatically.

1- First of all, it is all about the content of your page. You should produce valuable and high-quality contents. Just put yourself in the shoes of visitors of your page on Instagram.

Do you really like what you are presenting?

Do you like the way your content is presented?

ask yourself these questions and I am pretty sure you will improve the quality of your content significantly.

2- Choose an appropriate profile picture for your page. Also, do not forget to fill out your bio. This is really important to let the users know who you are and what your business is.
What is the purpose of the page?
Declare it in your bio. You can also include a clickable link. Use it to put your website or any other desired link.

3- Do not forget these 3 things:

- Writing a caption for your posts

- adding locations for your posts

- Using some relevant and proper hashtags for all of your posts.

These 3 things are really effective in increasing the visibility of your page on an Instagram search.

4- Post regularly, Do not let your followers forget you. Publish at least 1 post each day.

5- Identify the best time to publish on Instagram and publish your posts on that specific time.

6- DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS. They are all fake. They are just a big number on your profile and they literally worth nothing.

7- Use automation tools such as IGAssistant. It is an Instagram Growth Service Provider that enables automating all of your Instagram activities on your targeted audience, such as

 Viewing stories
 Sending Direct Messages
 and Scheduling your posts. Since this question is for the solutions except following other users, you can simply turn the "Follow" action off and let the bot focus more on other activities. It leads to a dramatic increase in your visibility and engagement on Instagram. I guarantee it is the best Instagram bot on the market. You can also try their services for free to see whether it works.

8- Do not forget your followers. Interact with them. Respond their Direct Messages and Comments. Do not let them think that they do not mean anything to you.

So, "Following" other users is not the only way. There are many considerations which help to promote your Instagram account. Consider implementing them and you will see the magical results.


Boost your Instagram Organic Growth | IGAssistant

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