What is the famous food in Nashik?

When in Nashik, one can get a variety of food items. Among them, the most famous breakfast of Nashik is misal (kind of sprouts). Sadhana misal, vihar misal, Krishna Vijay misal, Shyam Sundar and Tushar are some of the famous misals of Nashik. Second is pani puri and tokri chaat of Nandan. It's delicious and mouth-watering. Shaukeen bhel in old Nashik city is also famous for its chaat. Sandwich near Malegaon stand where you can get a variety of options available.

Nasik Misal Pav: – Misal Pav is a signature dish of Western Maharashtra, especially Nasik. The dish consists of Pav bread, which is served with two gravies, one is a spicy curry and another chilli gravy called 'Kutt.' It is served with fried potato shreds. A very popular street food in Nasik!

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Nashik misal is better choice for every visiter. vadapav and rassavada is also a better food

It is Undoubtedly " MISAL PAV ". Misal means, thick Gravy of, Sprouts + Flatt end Rice ,which will call Pohe in Marathi + Codiments Like Shev,Chivada ,Farsan etc,mixed thoroughly in Various types of Gravies,prepared using Various types of Mas ales,Served with Fried Pa pads,Lemon,Coriander etc & enjoyed with Pav,i.e a Bread,which is NOT sliced one. You may add,Yogurt on it,to reduce it's HOT taste. There are many many Varieties of this Great Food in almost entire Nashik City.

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MISAL PAAV is one of the most famous food in Nashik. It is economical too. Average of rate of Misal Paav is Rs. 25 in which we can have 2 Paav(Bread) and Misal which is mixture of cooked sprouts, Farsan and Hot Rassa made up of spices. There is another thing called TARRI is added to to make Misalpav more HOT.

NASHIK is place where u can found different categories of food and u will be found of food.

Main traditional dish is 'Missal Pav'. U can enjoy this recipe anywhere in Nasik with finger licking taste.

Missal is made up of liquid (rasaa) and with sprouts. With a spicy gravy garnished with some coriander leaves and mixture.

It becomes healthy in absence of Pav and can also be enjoyed with Bhakhri made up of bajra with papad ...

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