What is the fanciest place you've ever been?

A fancy restaurant downtown, it was Italian. Called Cibreo Italian Kitchen. This place was so fancy, the menu was in Italian. It didn't say exactly what the items were on the menu either, like they expected poor middle class people to know what insalatas were. They did not have drinks listed on the menu, and did not charge you extra for ordering a coke or something like other restaurants will do. They had cloth napkins, and a bread tray on the table, including butter with some herb and spice mixture.

The restaurant was dedicated to serving authentic Italian food made with Fresh ingredients, as well as being Tuscan themed. Everyone was dressed very nicely and no one had their kids and was eating fairly appropriately. The place was so nice, you could tell it was fancy from looking at it. The places were between like, 15 and 75 bucks each/

What's fancy?

I've been in a number of Consulates as well as attended parties in Consul General's homes (not too fancy). Had dinner in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress (I've an LC ID). Met Sen. Bob Kerrey (ex-SEAL, etc.). Have been in the US Capitol (time off) as well as the California State Capitol (working).

St. Francis Yacht Club with old California moneyed friends for Thanksgiving. You have to be in suit and tie, UNLESS, you are in sailing attire. So my friend Ed Haas and I went with his mom and family in our woolen sweaters looking like sailors.

Academic faculty clubs at Caltech, Stanford, UCSB, Berkeley. Certain hotel 4* and 5* coat required places like the Ahwanhee Hotel.

Never had time nor bothered to tour the White House (have pointed tourists in that direction) or the Pentagon (that way across the big parking lot). Some of those places have executive dinning facilities.

I stopped wearing ties a long time ago.

The fanciest place I've eaten was on a trip I took with my grandma to Britain and the continent to celebrate my college graduation.

She was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and her Mum died during childbirth. She was the youngest of four children and when she was eight when her dad immigrated them to Canada. She had never been back to the old country.

That trip was one of the best times of my life. We found the house she was born in, her mums gravestone and her first school. More importantly, we found shirt tale relatives.

Most relatives were gracious, very gracious and one family invited us one night for supper.

When we sat down at the table they announced it would be an eight course meal and there was silverware set at each place, for each course. There were dipping bowls and so many glasses I wondered what I would be drinking that would require so many. It was for an ‘average' American, overwhelming.

To this day, I still remember thinking, "You'll be okay! Start on the outside and just work your way in!"

Thank God my Mum had taught us some manners!

I've been to a lot of fancy places, but never before have I seen a table like that.

After the meal I offered to clear and help with the dishes - but they wouldn't hear of it. We were off to the sitting room for a spot of tea!

Buckingham Palace a lovely garden party being Received by Her Majesty the Queen for an award. Rule Britannia!!

The fanciest restaurant was Joel Robuchon. Fourteen course dinner; finest selections of breads and cheeses, superb décor, attentive but not intrusive service, astute wine pairings.

Nicest hotel was the Tremezzo on Lake Como. The hotel itself was wonderful but because I was there with a professional travel contingent, we got a tour of the adjacent villa. The interiors were stunning.

The fanciest place I've ever been is probably the President's box at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

One must have an invitation from the White House to sit in the presidential box.

How can people let go of tension?

Tension is just a storm which will pass.If you can, work to change things under your control to better the outcome.If you can't, just do your best and let go of it.With respect of instant alleviation of tension, the only hack that works for me is hugging my child.

Why are property taxes so high in upstate NY?

It basically comes down to cost shifting. Here's a reasonably good explanation from the New York State Property Tax Reform Coalition: