What is the first thing I should learn to cook?

These little guys:

  1. Get a good teaching cookbook. Personally, I highly recommend the Culinary Institute of America's book The Professional Chef.
  2. Learn the 5 master sauces. It's just a spectacular place to start. If you can make those 5 sauces, then you can make pretty much any sauce in existence; and you will have learned pretty much every technique you will need for cooking.
  3. Start cooking! A lot... You can't learn to cook without doing it, and you will make mistakes. That's fine. It's how you learn. Just try not to cook a $3,000 Wagyu beef tenderloin or rib roast before you've learned to cook a $6 eye of round.
  4. This is the most difficult part for many chefs, and for others it comes quite naturally. Some fake it their entire careers, and still do fine. They can still be great technical chefs. They just won't likely ever rise above that to really create something of their own. Learn to taste! Be able to recognize flavors in a dish. Learn what flavors go with other flavors. Learn how to manipulate a flavor profile.

Do those first 2, and you'll honestly be like 80% there. The other 20% will come with time. Seriously, buy that book, and learn to make those 5 master sauces. From there, just go through the book a bit. It's laid out in a really easy to understand manner, and it covers everything from butchering meat & knife work to preparing a roast & desserts. It's laid out in logical sections based on the technique, and it includes lots of recipes for you to try. Can't recommend that book enough. You can get a copy online or in some stores for anywhere from $25-$100 depending on the edition and store.

First things first. Make sure you have quality knives and good chopping board and some basic utensils of decent quality(see youtube).

  1. Start small. Make some simple dishes like omlette, boiled eggs or potato fry. Ensure that you and your family like it. Prepare it by giving you best. If you an do the little things right, you can do the big things right
  2. Don't do it because you have to. Do it because you like to do it. The former forces you to do it for the sake of it. In such cases, have food from outside. Cook only when you feel like
  3. As for anything. Approach cooking with positivity.

That's enough to begin with I guess. Even I am not a professional in this.

Learn how and where to shop. If you buy the best ingredients, you will not need to attempt complicated recipes. The best foods need only simple cooking techniques. Forget about strawberries in winter. Eat seasonally. Corn direct from the farm only needs a quick boil.

You can boil water, can't you? That's all it takes to get started. Green beans, potatoes, even chicken (it's called chicken soup) are easy to boil. Add some wine and sugar to a pot of water and you can poach many fruits. Pretty soon you will be making poires au vin rouge.

The only thing to remember is that there are degrees of boiling: from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil. Beans want a rolling boil for a few minutes. Chicken soup requires a gentle simmer lasting at least an hour or more.

Then you can graduate to steaming. In fact, your microwave is a great steamer. I rinse fresh broccoli, cut it into florets and put them covered into the microwave for just three minutes. Bright green and done to crunchy perfection!

When I started to learn to cook it was at breakfast. I started with eggs as others have mentioned.

Start with omelette. This is the basic recipe where every cook should be start. You can also make bread sandwiches with simple onions and tomatoes. For this take two slices of bread apply butter on both sides and roast them slightly brown..Mean while thinly sliced onions and tomatoes fry them with little oil and place them on roasted bread slices with cheese heat it microwave for 1 minute..You are ready to rock ..

To learn basics tips in cooking please read my article 10 Things You should know Before Cooking ยป Kitchenhash

You can find tasty Recipes too..

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