What is the greatest little pleasure in life?

The greatest pleasure is having your best girlfriend near for those bad times when a guy stands you up and the good times when you have a girls night that went perfect. All women need that one best girlfriend who is always there with ice cream when your date cancels and in the background you hear the voice of what sounds like a dumb blonde with your man. I am so happy to have best girlfriends like my ex wife is one and she gives me advice. She is special and I like her but we had that one thing in common, we both really like men and we both wanted one. She has one and I don't but I am happy for me and her. I am so happy to find out she is happy and in love with her real man. I have learned to be happy and love myself even with no boyfriend. I have never been happy until I started being true to myself and threw away all my guy clothes and now all I have are girl clothes. Yes for sure the greatest pleasure in life is best girlfriends, they understand.

"Pleasure's gives us greatest feelings and experiences"

My top fav:

...Seeing your parents all teared up out of happiness.

...Hugging a child.

....Reading and answering a kind email.

....Seeing a baby laugh.

....A lovely walk, hike, or drive with your partner.

....Recollecting Fun times with a good friend.

....Reading old chats/letters of your lover.

...Feeling of accomplishment- Solving a task/problem after a long struggle.

....The first moment in a hot shower on a cold morning.

....Eating after starving out of hunger.

.... Reading a book that totally resonates you.

....Going home after a long time.

....Talking to your loved ones after a bad day.

....Falling on the bed after s tiring long day.

....Enjoying a home cooked meal around a table with your family.

....Sleeping on a cold rainy day.

....Having a good laugh

....Going on a vacation- far away from the monotonous routine.

Helping Each other

There is one thing which is a very little one but greatest pleasure.

Gifting parents with your first hard earned money. So many can argue "well they are not as excited as I am",

They may not be expressive in that moment but the feel you give your parents is the proudest moment to the father and happiest moment to the mother.

Finishing all your work, in time! Or maybe before that.

The greatest pleasure ever!

Nothing can beat that, ever!

Because most of us have this habit of sitting on our work and doing everything last minute. But boy, it sure is so soul satisfying when you are meticulous with your work and have made sure you are in time and not late.

Try doing that sometime.

What should I watch out for when visiting Russia?

Do whatever you do while visiting e.g. NYC: self claimed taxi drivers - use Yandex app or Uber, (Yandex regarded as cheaper and more straightforward). Avoid hotels which are unbelievably cheap. Be alert in big crowds for pocket lifting, etc. Nothing special, just usual big city level of conscious behavior.

What's the worst thing you've had to endure as a child?

Getting emasculated by my mother who was a heroin addict and thief. I remember she had this wooden brush that she would beat me with if i disagreed with her. Im not talking about a booty spanking. I'm talking about full on beat down to the face to where it left