What is the greatest song ever made?

This is a question I believe, which hasn't been answered yet.

When I was in my sixth grade I was a hardcore metalhead. So, obviously songs by Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc used to be my favorite. Whenever I listened to songs like South of heaven and holy wars I would go mad with the thrill given by these songs!!!

Then as I grew I got into blues rock and jazz. So Eric Clapton and B.B. King were my major influences.

What I am trying to tell here is that you can never truly tell which song is the best one in the world. However, you can have a song which is the best in YOUR world. You may find this particular song to be your favorite or the "best in the world" because you can relate to the lyrics or the instrumental of that song may appeal to you.

Songs appeal to your emotions. You may interpret a song or it's lyrics in a way in which no one might have ever done. And this interpretation can be done in many ways for many different songs.

That's why there can't be ONE best song in the world when there are millions of them, each unique in their own way.

To me the greatest song ever made is the greatest song ever made

What's the worst thing you've forgiven?

The betrayal of adultery by my first wife for the 3rd time. I walked away from this pattern as a lifestyle I could not tolerate.

What should I know when visiting Krabi?

A2A. Depends on what your agenda is while visiting Thailand . Krabi is a quieter and smaller place compared to places like Pattaya and Phuket. If you are looking to party then Krabi won't be the best choice . I personally loved Krabi. It has