What is the highest atmospheric pressure ever found on earth?

For that, we must look for the lowest land area on our planet - Lowest Places on Earth - and the lowest present-day one is the Dead Sea, between Israel and Jordan. Its average atmospheric pressure, 1063 hectopascals, is about 5% higher than the sea-level value of 1013 hPa.

Looking in the past, we find the Messinian salinity crisis - about 5.96 to 5.33 million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea was blocked off from the Atlantic Ocean, and it became largely or completely dried up. Its lowest parts were some 3 to 5 km below sea level, and extrapolating from above sea level, its pressure was some 50% to 90% greater than sea-level pressure.

There may have been similar deep dried-up inland seas even earlier.

What happens in gravitational force if the motion of earth is reverse?

Nothing happens to the gravitational force if you change the direction of rotation. The direction of motion for the gravitating body does not factor in to the Law of Universal Gravitation. The only way to change your gravitational force is to modify

How to overcome my extreme fear of insects and bugs

I will say while i cant say my fear of all bugs is extreme my fear of the ones with wings is. I used to be afraid of roaches, seeing them on a wall, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, wherever did spook me a