What is the highest valued currency in the world today?

These are the top 10 highest currency in the world with respect to the value in Indian Rupees. The strength or popularity of a currency is an entirely different thing. A Euro or the USD holds more value, is traded more and is used in more countries than the Kuwaiti Dinar even though KWD is valued as the highest currency in the world.

This list signifies the numerical value of a currency with respect to Indian Rupee and not its trade value.

Highest Currency in the World in 2018 in Pictures (As of 20th September 2018)

10-US Dollar

What would happen if the Moon fell to Earth, both immediately and over the long run?

If it just stopped orbiting and fell out of the sky, then the impact would release about 10^20 gigaJoules of energy, or 10^13 megatonnes of TNT.That is 4000000000x the total yield of all the World's nuclear weaponsIt is 1000x the energy released by the Chicxulub impact that is credited with the K-T extinction event (that wiped out

What has been your best career decision(s)?

OK Before telling BEST decision I will share my background...I'm 28 now, Mechanical engg...Indian guy working in Pune now...I was not placed in campus placement through college..as there was recession going on and companies were not hiring that much...2010–2011 period...Just FYI my engg aggregate was 65%But i