What is the ideal age to start travelling the world?

It is hard to say. I would say asap and continually. One reason why I would say ASAP, is that you never know when things will change.

For example, when I first started traveling, I didn't appreciate how much technology was changing.

I am now so glad I started traveling before the `iPhone era`. Traveling is much easier now with WIFI, translators and so on, but can be less exciting due to mass tourism.

Remember, tourist numbers are much higher than even compared to 5 years ago, never mind 10–15–20 years ago +, because of the huge growth of Chinese and Indian tourists.

Same thing with specific locations. When I visited Jordon in 2008, Petra had only just been given the title of `new wonder of the world` a few weeks ago, is very few tourists were there, at that time.

Even 2–3 years ago, tourist numbers increased a lot. As a result of that, some of the good things about Jordan, like the like of trying to rip off tourists, got worse, or so I hear.

Likewise, in 2009, I was in Lebanon. I was thinking about crossing into Syria. It was only a 1–2 hour bus ride away, and cost $5 or so.

I thought I would have another opportunity but now we all know what has happened to Syria.

So just take the opportunities whilst it lasts. With that being said, it is true to say that as you get older, you will be able to travel in more comfort.

Because you will either have a job overseas, a pension (fixed income) or passive income if you work on that (Traveling the world on passive income), so pluses and minuses.

I would say as early as possible. If it is not in your family dynamics to take vacations or trips, bring this up with your parents. After all he/she who has not traveled has read but a page in the book of life.

Go on trips with your parents when you are young. Childhood/teenage are our most formative years, and exposing yourself to various places, cultures and situations during this time will definitely help you become more broadminded and open to accepting things out of your comfort zone.

Become involved in the planning of trips and try to understand the effort involved in such tasks from an early age. It will help you understand budgeting, practicality and more importantly people. You will see new dimensions of your family when you are outside of your comfort zone, and you will also discover yourself. Traveling also makes you appreciate home more.

Start saving up for traveling alone, and then just do it! It can be a short trip to a nearby city or a dream trip to a land far far away. But just do it!!

I would say there is never any ideal age to start traveling, and in corollary no ideal age to stop traveling as well!!

Traveling is experiencing new things.

The early you start the more you will be free,independent and confident.The more you travel the more you will learn. There is a inner excitement and joy of exploring and visiting unknown places and there are n number of places to visit,you should start it earlier to gain happiness and learn new things.

Must read this artice of one of my known,she had shared her experience of traveling when she was just 12 !

I started traveling at 12 - What Are You Waiting For? | The Remote Life

Serioulsly,Traveling is Freeing !!

Thank You.

Most of the others here have covered most of the important points. But there is one other big topic to be addressed - attachments

Attachments to people will be the biggest issue to address. Are you married or in a long term relationship? Have a you a close family? Are your friends important to you? When you leave "home" first it can be really tough missing all those people - and don't fool yourself that technology will be enough to sustain the relationships - it helps but isn't adequate. Once you know that this will be a difficult step you will be more able to deal with it. And you will make new friends. How much this affects you is a matter of personality - but unless you have no friends or family it will be hard!

Other attachments are to the things you own. The less you own the better. But maybe you have a car or motorbike you love? Or the house you live in. There will be wrench when you let these things go - but in time you will forget them!

Enjoy your travels :)

First figure out a reasonable plan of where you want to start, local, basic areas, cities, states or countries near you? Then go on line and research, learn things about them. Start a note book, diary, log and keep good notes.Buy some books ,or Library and learn more.

2nd thing is to have the funds needed. Out of country, more expensive, more to learn, culture, customs, history.

3 - How will you travel, plane, car, train.walking? Eventually put a decent plan together to go. Have a the funds, any needed Passport and Visas, set up on line. If you go cheap, do good research for Hostels, Motels, travel arrangements, if with good funds, go to a Travel Agent, let them do all the work for you.


As soon as you can handle the responsibilities. My youngest daughter went to Europe (from California) on her own when she was 15 years old. A lot went wrong on the trip, but she handled each and every situation like a pro. Plane delays, missed trains, calling card that didn't work, Sacramento airport being fogged in on her return, so she had to fly into San Francisco

She flew from Sacramento to Los Angeles where she transferred to the international terminal (this was the only part of the trip that I worried about).

She flew to Frankfurt, Germany, took the subway to the train station where she took a train to Switzerland to meet family friends. After visiting friends, she took the train to Germany, where she stayed with she sister for a week

I never worried about her, she is a strong, competent person.

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