What is the ideal biological age for a woman to have children?

Eighteen  to  twenty-three  are  considered  the  best  technically . However  the twenties  throughout  are  ok. A first  pregnancy  beyond  thirty   comes  into  the  grey area  when  one  has to  seriously  think  of chromosomal  disorders ,  ie becomes  necessary  to rule  them out. Chances  of anomalies  are  less  in a mother  in her twenties .
How to lose 15 kgs in 7 days even if it is unhealthy

Many answers in here state that it's impossible, with some even suggesting amputation.Let me tell you something.It may very well be corny but it's the truth.You can do so. Yes, I said it. You can lose 15kgs in a week.But there's a serious catch. You will lose weight. Not fat. But

What happens when you don't work?

You either1) have a lot of money to spend your time on anything, whether its inherited or you won the lottery or someone else is paying for you2) become broke and homeless because you dont have money3) you have/found a hobby/hobbies which you will spend your time on4) or, if you're like me, and