What is the ideal biological age for a woman to have children?

Biological: late teens and early 20s.

Physical/Sociological: Late 20s. I was 26 and 28, which I personally feel is idea. At the time I remember thinking that I couldn't imagine how someone in their teens or early 20s would do it (there so much to learn at a peak time when you're already learning so many OTHER things), and I couldn't imaging doing it in my late 30s or early 40s (it is EXHAUSTING). Physically, I was in good shape. Socially: I had time to have established a career, making finances a little bit less of a concern. I was able to provide good housing, adequate food and clothing.

And now my kids will be out of the house when I'm still in my 40s, which will allow me time to focus more on "me" again, and still be healthy enough to travel with my husband.

Where I live, midwives will not allow a home birth for a first-time mother under 18 or over 35.  Biologically, the best time to start having children is 22. At 22 a woman is physically mature, and should be cognitively and emotionally capable of effective motherhood.

While many teenagers do produce healthy infants, a girl of 16 or 17 has not yet finished maturing physically, which can cause complications for mother or child.

Put it this way, a WOMAN can have a child whenever she is ready.

A GIRL should not.

additional information added to ask only about biology. probably late teens and early 20s are ideal for the woman's biology.

Original complete answer below as the new question ignores many of the factors that impact a woman's/family's decision on when to add children.

I suspect its about optimizing for your personal circumstance.

As Anon mentions, there are several dimensions to evaluate and they generally peak at different times:

  • Physical health
  • Mental/emotional health
  • Financial and career stability (both/all partners)
  • Partner's physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Social support and networks

For me, this optimization resulted in my first kid at 29 and second at 33, and while I would have been OK with having them sooner, my partner wasn't quite on board yet.  I have other friends who had their kid(s) between early 20s and late 30s due to their specific circumstances.

The ideal biological age doesn't give you the ideal age for parenthood.  Very young women tend to have much easier deliveries.  Older women have greater risk of  unwanted complications.  Children born to either end of the spectrum can be incredibly intelligent.   The ideal time to have a baby is when you feel confident that you can commit your time and money and attention to parenthood for at least twenty years.  In otherwords, there is seldom any ideal time.  Babies come along when they do and parents usually do the best they can under their circumstances.  I don't think it's a good idea to have a baby just because the clock is ticking.

Eighteen  to  twenty-three  are  considered  the  best  technically . However  the twenties  throughout  are  ok. A first  pregnancy  beyond  thirty   comes  into  the  grey area  when  one  has to  seriously  think  of chromosomal  disorders ,  ie becomes  necessary  to rule  them out. Chances  of anomalies  are  less  in a mother  in her twenties .

Period between 19-29 is considered the best to conceive after which a woman's fertility starts compromising, though the side affects accelerate at a much higher rate only after 35.

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