What is the ideal weight for a 157.5 Cm (5'2) 14 year old girl?

Charts say she should way about 99– 121 pounds.

You should, however take into account your BMI ( body mass index). Muscle weighs more than fat and you can actually look smaller with more weight.

Then there is the frame of a person and some take into the actual weight of bones which can change a persons weight a little.

The key be healthy. There are a lot of "fat thin people" out there. The key is to know the healthy difference.

A 12-hour-dial clock happens to gain 0.5 min each day. After setting the clock to the correct time at 12:00 noon, how many days must one wait until it again indicates the correct time?

once it is 12 hours ahead of the real time, it is at the real time!, since a dial clocks rotation is 12 hrs total. So, take 12 and multiply it by 60, for each hour, then multiply that by 2, since its 0.5 min per day, to get

What are your methods for sleeping soundly through the night?

Adults are recommended to sleep 7–9 hours a night, so if you sleep less than that amount, it might be difficult for you to wake up. Your sleeping environment is also important as it contributes to the quality of your sleep, so:Avoid a lot

My husband sent me pictures of his pregnant 19-year-old mistress the day I turned 40, along with divorce papers. We have a pre-nup so I'm getting nothing. What can I do?

To all you women that blame the other woman and not your husband, STOP!!! This is your husband's fault. Stop using "I am the wife" act. You may be the wife but he feel in love with another woman. He gave