What is the largest dog you've ever had as a pet?

German Shepherd "Sabre" who was a huge dog. GSD's are big but Sabre was HUGE. When he barked it reverberated right through your body and if he accidentally hit you with a paw whilst playing it left your ears ringing like you'd just been punched full-on by a bear.

Beautiful dog without a single scrap of malice in him. The kindest, gentlest soul I ever met but Jesus shit he was a big dog.

How many days a week should you do abs?

Abs can practically be done everyday if you feel like it-if you're not too sore, then go for it. They are one of the few muscles where you don't need a full 48 hours of rest before you workout that muscle group again.Keep in mind the following things:You don't have to do many ab exercises in one day. One

Do you always eat healthy food?

When you have put up the question, I hope your focus is finally on your health.Healthy food is definitely good for maintaining one's health, but physical and psychological fitness both can be achieved easily if you follow healthy eating habits.Foundation to eating habits is by and large

How to start exercising knowledgeably

This is a great question.  Mainly due to the fact that there is so much misinformation on health and fitness out there.  I'm not going to try and list out all the misconceptions and fallacies of health and fitness in the 21st Century.  But I will give