What is the least known fact about Narendra Modi?

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  • Current Japan PM Shinzo Abe follows only 13 people on Twitter: one of them is Narendra Modi .
  • He is an early riser and has been maintaining a steady wake up time of 5-5.30 am even he sleeps late ...He sleeps only for 5-6 hours a day.
  • He survived an crocodile attack during the childhood days.
  • He has been the CM for guj for 13 yrs and PM for more than 2 yrs and has not taken a single leave during both office terms ,he is workaholic .
  • He was instrumental in improving the Guj state financial condition, electrical condition and making an investment hub ...
  • He is a vegetarian and keeps fast for all 9 days of navratri also while in USA , hence the USA broke the protocol for first time and served only veg food during the visit.
  • He received highest civilian honor award by Saudi Arabia .

there are many more amazing facts about our honorable PM modiji..

As of now he and his team are working for making India a better develpod country..
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