What is the longest sleep you ever had?

Years ago I did my boss a favor on delivering a hot load of freight. From start to finish I drove his Kenworth 850 miles. I had cat naps when I was being loaded and unloaded. At the end of the run, I went to bed and slept for 10 hours nonstop! I called the yard office when I woke up.

Warren Davis answered. "You saved my ass if that load wasn't delivered we would have lost that contract!" I pushed myself too hard on that run. "I thank you for the hard work. I know you love to drive so I knew you would make it."

I picked up a load going to Cleveland that day and delivered it. Warren said; "Be at my place we'll have a cookout when you get back to T Town." Toledo, Ohio. Warren was a good guy to work for. I drove in 18 states for 5 years. It was fun and a lot of hard work at the same time.

I rarely nap. Not very possible, even when I'm exhausted. I have slept for about 16 hours. That's certainly not long compared to the longest time that I was awake, which was about 144 hours.

Difficult to remember.

On drugs, when I had my mastectomy surgery the duration of it was 8 hours. As a side effect, I feel very sleepy when I have general anesthesia, pluss all strong painkillers I slept more than 14 hours. Therefore, once I was so tired that I slept 10 hours.

Its been few months that i am not able to shake my sleepy head and have been sleeping for 14 to 15 hours a day .. Still when i get up i m tired and drained... Had not i to work i know i can sleep for 24 hours in my current condition.

4 hours after flying from the U.S. east coast to Europe, arriving at 7 am.

What would it be like if the Korean war never happened?

Interesting question.Assuming that Korea remains divided at the 38th parallel, both Koreas would do better than in our timeline (IOTL), without dealing with the cost of rebuilding, and of them, North Korea, with most of the heavy industry left behind by the Japanese, would do

What incident changed your perception about life?

Thank you Rishabh for the question.I was around 16 that time. I used to be very vocal about my feelings. I never hid anything. Whatever I felt, was in my eyes and on my lips.I would cry very easily,