What is the love difference between a husband and kids?

People talk about unconditional love but as a psychiatrist once told me it doesn't exist between adults. What if she cheated? What if he secretly attacks people?

However, in their innocence, the love of children is less conditional and so something of this must be reciprocated by the mother.

Her commitment is absolute as every cell in her body has demanded of her, so her partner must come second.

As a father I know this is an understanding I have with my wife. If there was room in the life boat for the kids or me - it's her job to push me overboard if I'm not jumping already.
Why do I feel toned after working out for a week but have not lost weight?

HiThanks for the A2A. There are a number of reasons that this may be the case.You need to change your eating habits in order to lose weight. Exercise alone is not enough. Ensuring you have a healthy, balanced diet is

Can a married Hindu man also marry a Muslim woman?

No he can not.For that he along with his wife needs to embrace Islam, and also he need his wife's permission to marry her.And he should be careful that anywhere the government doesn't allow polygamy, he can not be in two marriages simultaneously.One have to abide by the law of Country to be a true

How do a one-sided divorce, split and divorce differ in terms of nature and depth of their after-affects?

Any relationship break up has its wounds whether it's single sided or mutual or split. You always tend to remember the bad part of relationship though it may had some beautiful moments of togetherness. Also a person engross oneself in blame game and it becomes difficult to come out of the relationship.