What is the meaning of 'eternal optimist'?

The eternal optimist is a person who stays positive no matter what happens to him/her. It could be said that this approach is the opposite of complaining and seeing events as negative. For example,

Friend: I heard you lost your job, how sad, it must be hard for you now.

EO: No. I'm feeling great. One door shuts and 3 more opens.

Friend: And you're going to be more lonely than ever now that your wife has left you.

EO: No. I'm never lonely, I always enjoy time with my children and good friends.

Friend: Didn't your wife gain custody of the children?

EO: Yes, but I still can visit them twice a week and they still love me and I know even my wife still loves me, it's only a matter of time before she comes back to me.

Friend: Wow! Are you sure you're not being over optimistic?

EO: No. I can feel it in my heart and I see it in her eyes. She still loves me and I her.

Friend: So you've lost your house, your wife and your job, are you going to sleep in the streets?

EO: No. I'll ask my other family and friends until I get a place. It's just a matter of asking, not rocket science. Besides, I bet I can make them a good meal if they let me stay, or I can clean the toilet, I'll do whatever to make good use of myself.

Friend: Don't you worry about what other people might think about you now that you're a nothing?

EO: No. I'm still alive aren't I. That must count for something. What makes me different from a successful man? He needs to breathe and I need to breathe and we can both do so freely without the need for money. Moreover, it doesn't require much to get a meal everyday either. So, the successful man and me, we are one and the same.

Friend: So do you think you'll rise to success in the future after all this misfortune?

EO: What misfortune? This is not misfortune. Whatever a man has, that is his fortune. I've still got a healthy pair of hands and feet haven't I? I'll be back to work in the next week, just watch.

eternal = lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.

optimist = someone who always sees the bright side of any situation

This is an expression, it is definitely someone who sees the upside continually. Now as to the actual existence of this person, there is some question in my experience. Even the most positive person has times when they doubt, have fears and questions. There are many people who are amazing optimist that are wonderful to be around. They just seem to be "eternally" up, but we all have our times.

Someone who never loses faith, no matter what negative things are thrown at them. As it should be for everyone.

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