What is the meaning of social media responsibility?

Skill: Social Media Marketing

Provide Advice / Guidance to College Students / Freshers for :

  • How to be a Digital Marketing Expert with the Help of Various Tools ?
  • How to Make Your Career in Digital Marketing / Online Marketing ?
  • How to Acquire your Dream Job in Digital Marketing ?
  • How to do Future Marketing - It is Expected that Marketing is Expected to Go Completely Online by 2024 .

Responsibility : Freelance facilitate Freshers / Professionals to promote their products / services and grow their business through Digital Marketing .

  • Facebook - Creating a Page on Facebook for Business , Creating Facebook Groups and Creating Facebook New Events and Also Facebook Advertising .
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn Advertising , Creating LinkedIn Pages and LinkedIn Groups.
  • Twitter - Creating a Twitter Profile , How to Write a Tweet , How to Create a Poll on Twitter , Retweet , How to Check Twitter Analytics and Twitter Advertising .
  • Youtube : Creating Youtube Channel . Creating Youtube Videos , Youtube Analytics, Video Editing etc
  • Blog : How to Create / Write a Blog on WordPress .
  • Google Ads : How to Create Google Ads Account , How to Create Campaigns and Different Types of Advertisements :
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Universal App
  • Shopping Ads
  • Also Can Advice u for Email Marketing - How to Use Email Marketing Software - "Mail Chimp" such as How to Create List , How to Create Campaigns , How to Create Templates , How to Set up an Automation and How to Create Landing Pages in Reports Section .

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Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

Well, this didn't happen to me, but to my friend's friend. Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen!!For privacy puroses, let's assume her name Alex. She used to work untill late in the evenings. On the way back home, everyday she needed to go through a local park, as that was the shortest

What do parents really expect?

Parents always expect loyalty from their children, so never lie to them.They want us to be happy always.They want us to achieve success and to touch the sky with glory.They have done so much to raise us, spent their entire life so that we (their children) stay happy

Is light faster than everything?

No.Light is not faster than everything.-It is not faster than the speed of gravity. The speed of gravity = speed of light or, [math]s(g)=s(l)[/math]-It is not faster than radio waves.The speed of radio waves = speed of gravity= speed of light.[math]S(r)=s(g)=s(l)[/math]-Nothing is faster than light.ButLight isn't faster than something.