What is the meaning of the Apple logo?


I'm again here to answer your question.we have to know the history of apple logo. From this we can able to understand why there have a bite in apple logo.

I'm just a college student but I'm passionate about design and Apple, so I'll take a swing at it.

What does Apple do? They honor people who are willing to think differently than everyone else around them in order to push everyone forward.

As you might have seen in the other comments, the logo did start out as a detailed illustration of an Apple falling from a tree. The original logo honored Isaac Newton, who is one of the most influential minds out there. So the Apple can be used as a symbol of the way that He thought differently in his time, but also simplicity.

Why is there a bite taken out of the Apple? Buying Apple's products means that you get to enjoy the result of the kind of thinking that Einstein and all the other greatest minds throughout history have demonstrated... because the creation of Apple and all their products is a result of that same kind of thinking.

It's the symbol of the company that made it, so it's instantly recognizable as their product. It has no other meaning beyond being a stylized depiction of the fruit for which the company was named.

The rainbow version did originally have another meaning: the colors represented the Apple II's then-impressive ability to display color. But that had long ceased to be significant by the time Apple removed the colored stripes.

In 1954 he committed suicide by cyanide poisoning. A half eaten apple was found with his body, which was thought to have contained the cyanide. Hence forth a half eaten apple was a symbol for Alan Turing and his life's work; and thus the Apple logo, with a bite out of it was a reference to this.

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[EDIT, after comment] For picking the name "Apple", look here:
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