What is the most awkward moment you have ever experienced?


Going anonymous because it's super awkward.

I'm a 17 year old girl.

I live in Abu Dhabi, and I come from quite a well-off family. We usually spend the whole weekends outdoor.

One weekend, we had invited my mom's brother over to our house and went outside together. We went to a lot of places and returned home very tired.

Since we were exhausted, I had no energy to tidy up another room and then sleep. I just decided to share the room with my uncle (mom's brother). He slept on my cot and I slept on a mattress on the floor.

I slept off very soon because of the exhaustion.

Around 3 a.m. In the morning, I turned around in my sleep and half opened my eyes to see my uncle standing and staring at me. I was startled.

I didn't know why he was staring at me. So, I just woke up, startling him. He turned quickly and pretended to be looking at his phone.

That moment I knew something was fishy. I asked him why he was awake, and he replied he couldn't sleep. So I asked him if he wanted anything to eat.

Without answering me, he sat down on my bed, forcing me to lie down. I still couldn't understand what was going on.

Then he started squishing my breast. I simply pushed his hand away. But he didn't stop. He started kissing me on the cheeks and I felt disgusted.

I stood up sharply, and pretended I was going to the restroom. When I came back, he was on the cot. So, I thought he won't try anything again. So, I went and lied down on mattress.

But I couldn't sleep. I was sweating and I could hear my own heartbeat. More than fear, I couldn't believe my own uncle would harass me. I felt like leaving the world. I was too scared to do anything.

So I stood up and went to my parents' room. They were sound asleep. I went and slept between them. I felt safe between them. I fell asleep soon.

Later, in the morning, I managed to tell my mom some silly reason for sleeping with them. But I still couldn't get the thing out of my head.

I felt so awkward to be in that house, even though it was our house. But, on the contrary, my uncle didn't behave a bit different and acted like nothing at all happened.

That day, I realized no man is trustworthy.

Nowadays, I don't trust any guy because of the incident. It has affected my thinking deeply.

I interviewed my ex-girlfriend!!!

This happened last week. I just graduated from college and my ex-girlfriend is a year junior to me, so technically she's in the final year now. I was called by the college authorities to judge personality competition. We broke up just a few days back, and as I was out of town, we didn't talk and formally end it yet. So, there was a lot to talk and give a closure to our chapter. (Never end a relationship without getting a closure). We decided to meet in a few days, because we both had some or the other priorities. So let's get into the interview. Well. she's on Quora and following me so no names!(Shh!!)

As soon as she enters the room, she's looking down and laughing and I'm still thinking what is she doing here. (I occasionally get called by college authorities to judge various events, so when I told her I'll be coming to college for some work, she knew I was judging). Of course, I know her and don't need an interview to give her marks, so I thought of making it interesting by asking a lot of awkward questions. ( Was not being an asshole, just trying to have some fun and she enjoyed it too. Scored her genuinely )

Me : Introduce yourself.

Her : Hi, I'm ____. I'm a jolly and bubbly girl by nature. For me, my parents are the most important individuals in the world. I'm inclined towards communications and PR. I also have a degree in Kathak and would like to pursue professionally.

Me : (Jaw dropping moment) Dance ? Since when ? (Last week, she wanted to go into Public Relations and suddenly dance)

Her : Yes, I have tried a lot of things in life as far as my career in concerned and dance has always been an integral part of my life. I don't want loads of money or fame, happiness is what I look forward too. I don't mind being in a small house, but I want to be satisfied in life. A mediocre life is fine given I'm happy.

(Honestly, it got boring for me, because I already know these and I know what she's gonna answer. So, I tried to ask some questions regarding ethics and value - because even we were together we had our differences)

History : We were together for a year(the relationship was blurred between best-friends and a couple, where we used to do everything without naming it. We then got into a relationship and named it. But then, eventually she started having strong feelings for someone else and we decided to break up. So, now she's with someone else.

Me : (Smirking)Are you selfish ?

Her : (She knew what I was getting into, her expression said it all) Yes, I'm. For my happiness I'd do anything, I don't want to be suffocated in my life at anytime. I'm a free soul and would like to remain like that for the rest of my life.

Me : What importance do values hold in someone lives ____ ? ( She, according to her has very strong ethics and principles in her life but when she started feeling for someone else while she was with me, she started questioning her ethics and values. She told me this. Honestly, I was cool with it, because there's no point in stretching relationships when it's not meant to be and I loved her enough to let her go. Sometimes it's for the best.)

Her : Values define you as a person. It defines your decisions, which in turn defines your destiny.(She purposely kept it short.)

Me : So, do values change ? (She told me, some where her values were changed when she broke up)

Her : (She knew she can't escape, fumbles but then answers politely) There some values which don't change and there are some which change. Of course we can't stick to all the values in our lives, have to let go some but can't let go all.

Me : What is the specific instance ? Till which limit can values not change ? (I loved stretching it)

Her : (She gave this look and I'm loving it) Told me how her happiness is the most important aspect of life and any values that make her sad or upset is what she can't hold.

(This is it. I stretched this topic as long as I felt, "Okay, now I know what she's gonna answer, so skip it." But, why should the fun stop ? )

Me : How important your parents ? (Purposely asked this. PS : Look at my next question)

Her : The most important individuals. Can't compromise on anything in the world for them.

(I was expecting this and wanted this answer. Now, I'm put her in a fix. Bwhahah)

Me : How important is your happiness ?

Her : We better don't live, if we aren't happy.

(Bingo!! I wanted to hear this)

Me : Given the choice between your happiness and your parents, what would you choose ?

Her : (She didn't see this coming and she's screwed, her expression says this) Umm..Parents!

Me : But, you said you are selfish for your happiness ?

Her : Yes, but my mom dad's pride matters to me the most.

Me : So, you would suffocate yourself and not be happy for your parents ?

Her : I would suffocate my entire life, if they are happy. I live for them, to see me proud. I'm selfish for their happiness.

Me : Define success.

Her : (Angrily) I already you that being happy and seeing my parents proud.

Me : Three adjectives that define you except happy, bubbly or any other thing that you've already mentioned in the interview.

Her : Honest, Tiny and ...(can't remember the third)

Me : That'd be all. Thank you!

When she got angry, I realised, I shouldn't stretch it. But it was fun. I loved it. We talked about the interview when we met, we both laughed. It was a great experience, the experience wasn't just about asking questions and answering it but about the facial expressions we shared.

Another reason, I asked such questions was I wanted to know some answers about her personality, she wouldn't normally answer because her apprehensions and I respect that, but as an interviewee to an interviewer, she was obliged to say anything and we have 100% honestly policy, so I knew she wouldn't lie.

We had talked a few days later and got a closure. I didn't take a stress interview to be an asshole, I was pulling her leg and I honestly loved it(apart from my own personal reasons to get some answers).

I marked her genuinely and wished her all the best. :)

Pardon me if this makes you vomit. It's kind of gross.

I was in Thailand, a strapping young 20-something. I'd come to this Southeast Asian paradise from Seattle, where the sun never shines.

I was literally pale as a fish-belly. Whiter than printer paper. I have Irish, German, and Scandinavian skin tone. It's ghostly.

After watching all the tanned, beautiful Thais, Europeans, and Israelis romping around playing volleyball on the beaches, I decided I wanted to be a little bronzed myself. I wanted to take off my shirt with pride and join in the bronzed, brown-skinned fun.

I figured an hour or so in the tropical sun would give me a nice base tan: a subtle glow of health and vitality.

Well, the Thai sun fried me like a piece of raw chicken. It was the worst sunburn I've ever had.

My entire torso turned bright, screaming red and bubbled up like melting cheese. The pain was intense for a few days. But with some aloe vera, moisturizing, and diligent hydration, the sting went away.

Then it began to peel and shed. Nasty stuff!

Then it was time to go home.

On my way to the airport, I looked at my watch. I'd be at the airport six hours. This was before iPods, Kindles, and smart phones. Six hours at the airport was torture. Especially when there was no bar, which Bangkok International most assuredly did not have.

One thing I hadn't done during my trip was visit a brothel. It wasn't really my thing. But with six hours to kill, why not? It was the sole reason many travelers came to the country, so why shouldn't I get a taste of the good life myself? As an amateur sociologist, if nothing else.

A tuk-tuk driver took me to Cupidy, a brothel combined with a huge hotel. It was 14 floors of fleshy, pan-Asian prostitution.

I was the only Westerner, and dressed like a beach bum: loose shirt, leather sandals, khaki-colored jeans from the GAP. I hated to be the ugly, ignorant foreigner. But at least I was young-a good excuse for ignorance.

All the other clients were middle-aged Japanese men in 3-piece suits and ties. They shot stern side-glances my way. I guess they thought I hadn't dressed for the occasion.

A beautiful Thai woman led me by hand into the main lounge. To the left, behind a glass wall, were Thai women who looked like Western celebrities (they didn't). Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, and-Susan Sarandon?

In front of me were more "average" young women sitting in 3-tiered bleachers, clearly bored out of their minds.

I browsed for awhile and found one who seemed out of place, like she didn't belong. She had kind, wholesome eyes. She looked geeky, in all the best ways. I bet she was into Star Wars, and wondered, like I did, what on earth she was doing in this kooky international sex palace.

She wore a numbered disk around her neck, lucky "No. 23."

I told the madame my number. No. 23 came out from behind the wall and escorted me upstairs to a rather nice presidential suite. There was a gigantic tub, a large tiled pool set into the floor, and a boudoir.

I don't know how I was given this room. It seemed a bit lavish for my needs. It was probably a shake-down of some kind. They knew I was good for it. The madame had shouted at me in Thai when I'd come in, and I'd handed her a bundle of money. Over-paying tourists are their stock and trade.

No. 23 was very charming, and authentic. Maybe it was my casual appearance, but it didn't feel like she was putting on a show. We were close to the same age, and she probably thought of us as peers. She spoke halfway decent English, and I wanted to ask her about Star Wars, Wookies, and so much more. Not because I was interested in Star Wars, but things like that help make cross-cultural connections.

No. 23 drew a deep bath, pouring in bubbles and disinfectant solution. It was fantastic! I felt like a kid again.

We undressed and soaked for twenty minutes.

It was wonderful, but my skin was loosening. I could feel the top surface getting wet and slippery. The water, bubbles, and disinfectant were softening everything up.

Next, No. 23 filled the tiled pool with foam, pushed me in, and slid her body up and down mine (a soapy-soapy). It was hilarious and fun, but neither erotic or relaxing.

By now, my skin was sloughing off my body like creamy tallow. It could have been skimmed off with a spatula.

No. 23 then pulled me to my feet, and escorted me to a lounge chair. I reclined and closed my eyes. She began massaging my torso.

The touch felt good, but was also exfoliating. The top layer of my epidermis was literally coming off in her hands. Layers of skin had started sloughing off my chest, congealing into nasty white globs of dead skin tissue, anchored in place by my chest hair.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the dainty hands working my pectorals.

As she rubbed and squeezed, wet clumps of dead skin cells were being worked into globules, then into clumps. As No. 23 kneaded my chest, the chunks of coalescing skin tissue squeezed up between her fingers in bubbly blobs, like bread dough rising over the rim of a tin pan.

I was shocked at the pulsating goop. I threw up a little in my mouth.

Then I started gagging outright.

No. 23 and I raised our gaze from my chest at the same time.

We locked eyes, nodding in slight affirmation of what we'd both seen.

Then we gagged simultaneously, both sorry to have been witness to this horror. She was kind enough to turn her head and gag into the crux of her elbow.

I leapt from the chair, dressed, bowed, and thanked her kindly for her service: "Kop khun kap!" I shouted, bowing in every direction like a priest blessing a room. "Kop khun kap!"

No. 23 bowed in response, her hands dangling loosely before her, like the stunted, limp-wristed limbs of a T-Rex. She probably wanted to stick them under boiling water. She giggled politely.

I jumped in the shower to rinse. Globs of skin washed off my body and collected around the drain, like deli-sliced sheets of gristle and lard.

I rode the elevator down without my No. 23.

Japanese businessmen eye-balled me suspiciously from head to foot. They were being escorted down by their painted ladies, and here I was, a suspicious loner.

My sandaled toes tapped anxiously on the floor.

When we landed on the first floor and the doors opened. I took two long strides across the threshold. I turned and saluted. "Kop khun kap!" I shouted at the Japanese businessmen. "Kop khun kap!"

I pivoted on my heels and dashed through the lobby into the Bangkok heat and humidity. It hit me like a wall.

"Goodbye Thailand! Goodbye Cupidy!" I called into the night, waving my hand in the air.

I skipped to the nearest taxi.

"To the airport," I said. "I've shed my skin blobs, and have no more business in your fine country."

"Airport?" the driver asked, with a knowing wink.

"Airport," I confirmed. Adding, under my breath, "God bless you, Bangkok. God bless this mess."

This happened with me, it was really awkward as well and gave me a deep realization of the problems girls face.

I am male, 21 years old and answering it anonymously as it's really embarrassing.

I had been to my maternal's place on a weekend and was returning on Sunday night.

I was with my elder brother, we took a general ticket and got in the reservation couch. (As journey was not planned, we didn't have tickets in advance), TTE came and we paid the fine for being in reservation couch and we got tickets too, but cound not get a berth. So, we were finding a suitable place between berths, so that we could rest on the floor. As usual, people were reluctant to give place as they were uncomfortable with someone in between their berths.

But then, we found a place where there was no luggage inside seats and also there were all males in compartment and quite surprisingly the man on the lower berth invited us to have some rest there. We placed our luggage there.

I was really thankful to that man. I thought that good men still exist..:)

Now about that man, He was about the age of my father. approx 45-50.
By looking at his face, you could say he is a good man. I didn't find anything suspicious in him, and his behavior was also nice.

Now, as time passed my brother slept and I was busy messaging and listening to songs on my headphone. It was really uncomfortable resting on the floor.
At around 2 a.m the man got up and asked me if I was uncomfortable.
I said, no.. I am fine.
Man: Why don't you come over and sleep here?

Now this is something, he was offering half his berth to me.

I said "No uncle, thank you, I am really fine", and then he began insisting, please come, you will can sleep comfortably and all that stuff.

But I politely neglected his offer. (Of course, I could sleep on floor rather than share my bed with a stranger.).

Then the morning came, my brother was still sleeping.
But i was awake.
There was no passenger on middle birth, and that man was closing that middle berth and said to me, "You can sit here comfortably". As we know, it's uncomfortable when all three births are open, but if you close the middle one, you can sit at the lower one comfortably.

I felt really nice about that man, I got up and sat on his berth.

I was at some distance from him.
I like socialising. We began to talk.

He asked me where I study, I told him about my college. I am in a reputed engineering college, he was quite impressed and told me he has a niece who wants to take admission in engineering. And asked about how he could get into my college. I started explaining about the entrance exam.

Suddenly, he asked me to come near him. I got in near to him.
We were alone on that berth.

I also noticed something , he had a bag which he kept in his lap.
The whole seat in was empty, but still the bag was in his lap.

And yes, one thing I forgot, he told me he was a teacher of Urdu department of some railway school. and because he was a teacher, I felt that talking to him will be fruitful.

Now suddenly he while talking held my hand, I felt strange, but continued to talk. I thought this old man was being friendly. but suddenly what happened , I hadn't imagined in my weirdest dream.

He took my hand placed on his genitals from above the pants and pressed that and started to rub.

I quickly had my hand back and moved away from him.
but I didn't say anything to him.
I was really feeling bad, but I don't know what stopped me from reacting.
May be, I didn't want to create a scene. If I had shouted, my brother would have beaten the shit out of him.

And if someone is doubtful, I am not a very nice kind of guy, who you could bully and abuse and won't say anything in return.
Like a normal guy, I reacted to situations , had fights and I oppose everything I didn't like.
I am really brave, but that day, I don't know what happened to me.
I knew it's wrong from the inside, I should had at least abused him but I couldn't react.

But this was not the ending, my silence give that man a wrong signal.
He again came closer, and while talking kept his hand on my thighs.
I still didn't have the courage to react, I was not able to believe this is happening to me, I just removed his hand and left the birth got to the gate and waited there for two hours.

And in this short period of time, I don't know what happened to me.
I was continuously wiping my hand again and again and felt like crying.
I was asking myself, How could someone touch me? Without my approval? Where did he get such courage? Should I go back and beat him?
Those two hours felt like hell.
Then I called one of my friends and told her about my problem and then after talking to her, I felt nice and this incident felt like a funny thing.

And then I returned to throw that man off train, but what bad luck! He was not there.

Today, I really regret this decision of not saying anything to him and also it chills me to spine that if he didn't fear a 21 year old guy, what did he do with the small kids of his school.

In College I had the double whammy every female dreads: Diarreha and my period.

I don't know what caused me to have the shits as I often times went to Subway for the $5.00 meal deal but anyways, I had maybe $200.00 in my bank account and all of a sudden I had discomfort in my stomach and usually I'd just fart and it'd be gone....not this time.

I was in the computer lab as I had no internet access at home and I had to quickly leave and go to the closest washroom to the Computer Lab but it was closed for cleaning so I had to hurry like hell to the washroom around the corner from the entrance to the College,again CLOSED FOR CLEANING! WTF?!

The discomfort was getting worse as was the pressure on my rear end, I had to hurry through a hallway and find another washroom again CLOSED FOR CLEANING WTFH?!

So I got on an elevator and went up to the second floor and at long last there was a washroom that was open but just as I touched the door, the cleaning lady put the CLOSED FOR CLEANING sign on the door saying ‘Go down the hall and the third door on your right is another women's washroom. Go use that.'

I was like I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER! I REALLY NEED TO GO BEFORE I GO IN MY PANTS! Her answer Too bad! So sad! Go down the the hall,turn right and the third door on the right is another women's washroom.

Well I said "Too Fucking bad! I'm going in! It's an EMERGENCY!' Shoved open the door and hurried inside to the farthest stall but didn't make it, the pressure was too much and I pretty much soiled myself rather badly. Why? Because the bitch made it difficult to get in by parking her cleaning cart infront of me so that I had to go around.

So embarrassed, I left the washroom,went back down to the computer lab, gathered up my stuff and left College and walked to Walmart before it moved to Quinn Drive, bought a pack of socks,a pack of underwear,a pair of pants then went down the toilet paper aisle and picked up some Charmine wipes then went to pick up some cloths and a box of Always heavy flow pads (dammit why don't you ever have super duper extraordinarily heavy flow pads?) and a container of Sunlight Laundry Soap and checked out via self checkouts feeling rather embarrassed hoping no one could smell my nastiness.

After checking out I hurried to the Lay Away washroom,went in,shut and locked the door, took off my coat and back pack then my shoes and finally my pants removing everything from the pockets and underwear that I put in the sink and filled it up with warm water allowing my undewear and pants to soak while I cleaned up and believe me, it took me TWO HOURS to clean up meaning I missed every single one of my afternoon classes that day as I spent it locked in the Lay Away washroom cleaning my ass to the point I was comfortably clean until I could get home for a hot shower

I pulled my underwear and pants out of the sink,drained the shitty water and filled the sink back up with more hot water and proceeded to continue washing out my pants and underwear until they were clean and emptied the dirty water then filled the sink back up with cold water and did a rinse to get out the detergent, then emptied the sink again thoroughly wringing out my underwear and pants to the point they were just damp and safe to put in the plastic bag I had that I doubled.

After I was dressed I packed up everything putting my coat and back pack on and exited the lay away washroom, left Walmart, cut through the Lambton Mall, through Sears to the bus stop for #9 that I caught to Zehrs to get #3 that I took to Wellington then Transfered over to the #1 that took me home and boy was I glad to get home! Got in the house through the back door,went down the basement and gave my mom the left over Sunlight liquid detergent and my dirty clothes that she put in the washer to get thoroughly washed, then went upstairs and up to my room where I took everything else off,climbed in to a nice hot shower and thoroughly washed myself off with soap,washed my hair then got out,dried off, put my night clothes on and went to bed after chugging Pepto Bismol.

THAT was not only my most Embarrassing moment but my most Cringiest Moment.

My boyfriend's dad walked into the room while I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob

My boyfriend, (let's call him Jacob), and I hadn't seen each other for a few weeks because we'd been really busy with finals and stuff, and we go to different schools. I'm 16, he's 17. We were both very excited to see each other and, both being your average horny teenager, instantly started getting each other off.

His dad was out somewhere, and his mom was at work, so we were home alone. We didn't have sex, (because even though I trust him with my life, I've had bad experiences in the past with being raped/sexually assaulted, and I'm not really comfortable with having sex with him just yet, which he respects and understands), but we did pretty much everything else.

So he'd just finished eating me out, so I offered to give him a blowjob. He came within about 5 minutes, and just as I was finishing swallowing, his dad knocks on the door, says, "Jacob?" and walks right in.

(At this moment in time, Jacob was sitting on the opposite side of his bed from the door, and I was kneeling on the floor)

Thankfully, my wonderful boyfriend instantly lifted me up so that we were hugging, his dick still out. I quickly moved my hands down to his waist to cover up anything that might be visible (thankfully, I was wearing pants and a bra), and his dad had a conversation with Jacob and I that sounded something like this.

Mr. Smith: "Hey."

Jacob: "Hi dad."

Mr. Smith: "Oh, is Lily over? Hi Lily!"

Me: "Hi Mr. Smith."

Mr. Smith: "How are you?"

Me: "I'm fine, thank you. You?"

Mr. Smith: "I'm doing alright. Do you guys want something to eat?"

Jacob and I: "No, we're okay, thank you."

Mr. Smith: "Let me know if you need anything. I'll be in the office."

Jacob: "Will do."

This entire time Jacob and I were standing in our awkward hug position, making sure to move as little as possible for fear that his dad would notice that, well, Jacob's dick was out.

Thankfully, his dad left and closed the door behind him, leaving Jacob to hastily yank up his pants as I fell onto the bed laughing.

We locked the door from then on.

Yeah...that was very awkward.

Jacob's dad never said a thing to him about it afterwards, so we believe that he didn't notice? I dunno. I'm surprised he didn't at least catch onto something. If he did, he didn't say anything.

What are some places to visit in Mongolia?

The rugged landscape of the least densely populated country in the world, Mongolia, is the perfect adventure destination for the traveler who seeks a glimpse into a different culture. Here are ten places that you should not miss when you are here:1. Gobi desertOne of the most unusual desert

What would have happened if Maratha never existed?

These question has been answered long ago, by kavi bhushan from patna(uttar pradesh) in similar period of 16–17th century.काशी की कला जाती, मथुरा मस्जिद होतीअगर शिवाजी ना होते तो, सुन्नत होती सबकी...TranslationKashi would have lost its glory, there would be masjid(mosk) in mathura.If not for Shivaji, everyone would have converted to islam.

What is the most disturbing thing you were ever taught?

That it is okay to give up when things get hard. This has made my life today difficult. I have a really hard time following through when I start on a new project. I have so many half finished sewing projects that I have not finished simply because things got to difficult.I do not