What is the most disappointing meal you've ever had?

Ahaha. One time my friend and I asked Chipotle to make a quesadilla.

It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. The tortilla was soggy and flaky, the cheese was lumped in one spot (yes! really!), and even though we both get cheese on their usual fare and love it, this thing tasted disgusting.

We stuck it in the toaster oven for a little while, but even that didn't help.

Eventually we just gave up! Throwing away practically untouched food feels so wrong... That's literally the worst insult I could have given the poor, limp, greasy thing. I felt bad for it - but not for Chipotle.

The runners-up would be:

  1. Over-cooked shrimp. I rarely order shrimp at restaurants anymore, because I know my family does it better (and often).
  2. Butchered versions of pies and cakes. If I am disappointed in dessert, that's just sad.
    1. I will complain about this bitterly but eat it anyway: "Key Lime Pie" made from Persian limes, dyed green with a Persian lime slice and Cool Whip on top. Call it something else!
    2. Pecan pie that's mostly corn syrup. This is a huge pet peeve for me.
    3. Personally, all Village Inn pies. Sorry, not sorry.
    4. Red velvet cake or carrot cake with fake cream cheese icing. That's the whole reason I eat those cakes!
    5. Chocolate cake that's gummy, over-sweetened, and under-chocolate-ed. If it tastes worse than a Hershey's bar, you did it wrong! If I want cheap fake chocolate, I just wait for the post-Easter sales at the dollar store, dammit.
    6. P.S. If there's fake strawberry ice cream on it, I will NOT eat it, whatever it is! Ewww...
  3. Butchered versions of foreign food.
    1. One time, I was served DRY PAELLA. I turned down a box for my leftovers, and that's the most brutal insult I could ever give a dish, since I'm not gonna be so rude as to throw it out myself inside the restaurant. Even sending something back means I believe it was a simple mistake, not a fundamentally flawed recipe!
    2. Generally, I hate bland or dry Mexican, Tex-Mex, or Mexi-Cali. All I can think of while eating is where I've had it better...
    3. Grocery store sushi. Though I still love it and will eat as much of it as possible, again, I just keep thinking of where I've had it better.
    4. I heard that once you've been to Israel, all falafel anywhere else is too disappointing to eat!
  4. Pho that has cooled down and needs to be reheated. Fair warning, folks: get take-out pho at your own risk. Don't microwave it! If you don't have a stove, idk yo, maybe build a fire or find a suitable container for heating it on the grill.
  5. Fish sticks. What the hell ass is the purpose of fish sticks? If you need cheap food, get something that tastes good cheap, and if you want fish, get anything other than fish sticks. This is why people think they don't like fish! Grumble grumble grumble...

Anyway, hope that helps.

Bon appetit!


Ahh my love for food shall never die, and my stories about food shall never end. Now my most disappointing meal I ever had was when I was ten years old in elementary school. My sisters had be designated by my mother to pack my lunches for school. But as I have written in another post about food I never liked food as a child. Now the typical child's meal was a sandwich, chips and a juice box. But not mine being from a Nigerian background my mother wanted our lunches to be intricate for reasons I know nothing about. She would make us take pasta to lunch which by the time it was lunch time would be half spoiled due to it being in a locker for about five hours, we would take rice and stew, Nigerian jellof rice, meat pies and if my mother had her way she would have made us take fufu and okra soup to school!

Now not only was my food "different" from the average American child but it also smelled different which would cast a lot of stray eyes my way whenever I opened up my lunches. This then lead to asking questions about my food and being a shy ten year old girl I would instantly be embarrassed by those questions because it made me different from the other children. If I could have turned red from humiliation I would have but you know....I have brown skin so that was a mere impossibility.

Anyways, whenever I got the opportunity to have normal food I would be over the moon with joy. I finally got to have a regular meal like all the other kids! But, wait this wasn't a regular sandwich because my mother loved to make sure her children were different so she would tell my sisters to make us sardine sandwiches. That's right SARDINE sandwiches. So these "sandwiches" consisted of lettuce, tomato, mayo, butter, sardines and a boiled egg and that was it. No juice not even chips, just the sandwich wrapped in cheap zip lock bags that never actually stayed close. But, for some reason I loved them.

On one particular day, I had been starving because I hadn't had breakfast and had been looking forward to lunch all day. So when the bell rang for lunch I skipped, hopped and jumped to my locker and carried my pink lunch box to the cafeteria. When I finally sat down and opened the lunch bag my heart nearly fell out of my chest with disappointment. My beloved sandwich had been smashed flat by my books and not only that the bread was beyond soggy it could barely hold the contents of the sandwich together. It was utterly disgusting. But boy did I try to at least attempt to eat it because I was beyond starving. I nearly chocked with disgust as the soggy bread slid down my throat. After a few bites I had to throw the whole sandwich away because it was basically inedible and I cried silently tears of disappointment and hunger. Now that was one disappointing meal and I wish I could say it was the last time I ate a soggy sandwich but unbeknownst to me it would be one of many disgusting sandwiches.....sigh!


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