What is the most disgusting thing about you, and why?

there are so many things.... I can't even begin to..... sometimes I'm straight pathetic. I used to look at everyone with admiration, thinking that they were all better than me. there was a time when I didn't have nearly any exercise and looked like shit. I despised myself, and wanted to die so much, I wouldn't speak to anyone. I never had any friends, and those I had, quickly started avoiding me. I got laughed at so bad at school, I was practically the entire school's personal joke. because I was so desperate for attention, that I even started liking getting laughed at. that was elementary school. and I remembered myself after, and I cringed. and every time I remember who I was the year before, I cringe. and it doesn't get any better. I always seem to cringe. like, a sign that I'm getting more mature. but I still fucking cringe.

What would the world be like if paper never existed?

The American declaration of Independence could not have been written, and so America would still be British. Instead of Donald Trump being president, you would have ended up with someone like Boris Johnson (and I'm not sure if that's good or bad!)

Have you ever visited Hurghada?

Yes I have visited I think you should go there hurghada is an exciting and vibrant holiday destination suitable for all ages and can be found on the western side of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.Attracting thousands of travellers each year, Hurghada

What is European culture?

It is a conglomeration of the countries mainly under the doctrine of Christianity either by Catholic or Protestant at least for the last 2000 years. It has also been heavily influenced ethnically by the repeated invasion and conquest of Europe by the ancient Huns and Mongols. They do not have detailed education of the history of