What is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen at school?

One of the most disgusting things I've seen at school was something that happened to me.

So, in the first grade, I was a slow eater. Sometimes, the bell would ring before I managed to finish my lunch. No big deal - I just stayed inside while the other kids ran out for recess.

So one day, I was super slow with finishing my lunch. So I sat by myself at a table while everyone else went outside. There were a few older kids there in the lunch room who were taking their turns being the student lunch monitors - I'm estimating they were somewhere between the 6th and 8th grades.* I didn't pay much attention to them because I was much more intent on finishing my lunch and going out to recess than eavesdropping on a group of lunch monitors I didn't know.

Two of the lunch monitors came to the folding table I was sitting at and stood at either ends. I just continued eating my lunch.

Next thing I knew, the table folded and shot up right in front of my face, and my lunch, as well as the open water bottle I'd set on the table, spilled everywhere. I started crying, shocked.

The lunch monitors walked out of the room, laughing.

TL;DR: the lunch monitors had suddenly folded the table, while an unsuspecting first grader was still sitting there eating, and then walked right out, laughing.

Yeah, these kids were 12 or 13. But they knew what they were doing, they meant to do it, and they enjoyed it.

Honestly though... (-_-)

*elementary school where I was living at the time was from kindergarten to 8th grade

(btw I'm 16 now, and headed into the 12th grade in September)

This started in Year 3 of primary school.

A seemingly normal boy of average height, build and semi-spiked black hair joined in December or January, not fully sure. We'll call him J.

He told everyone that he had ADHD, which we didn't really have much of a problem with.

He was alright in class, answered a question every now and then, was a bit shy. Also had two mothers, but that's not the main story here. Me being shy caused me to befriend him. We talked about our love of Call of Duty which was skyrocketing in popularity at the time.

For the first few months our class knew him his disorder didn't cause him to go far out of line, worst thing was answering back to our teacher, Miss C, who was going through a divorce and regurlary took it out on majority of the class, especially the incompetent ones.

As even more months went by and eventually a couple years, his behaviour changed drastically. He got into shouting matches with our class teachers and would never stop unless stopped, never physically of course.

He started receiving threats of expulsion, but his family situation always got him out of it.

Boys started bullying him, got into a few fights, numerous visits to the headteacher, who was always firm but usually very good at sympathising with his students.

He either didn't change or got worse.

At this point we were no longer friends, we had no regard for each other. I had better friends, and a girlfriend, S, who was not the greatest looking but very popular. She always felt sympathy for him.

She begged me to invite him to my birthday party, along with a select amount in my class that I chose. He crushed balloons, threw decorations, and as much as I wanted it to happen, I hated looking at him being dragged out by my two older brothers.

Classmates and eventually friends started saying that my gf was cheating on me with him. Concerned but not believing, I brushed it off for now. I broke up with her anyway as she was too boring and partially because the rumours were overwhelming.

They were inseparable after that. Maybe they went out, don't know.

Then it was our final year of primary school, we were in year 6. We got practically the best teacher in the school, Mr R. He was strict, had a tendency to lose patience and give unfair punishments but he was also fun, intelligent and never let up when it came to helping his students. Everyone liked him, and he liked everyone. The only exception was J.

At least once a week they would get into a verbal fight we had to witness, often threatening with violence. One day he got so crazy our teacher lost his temper right in his face... so he flipped a table over. Right beside me.

The worst thing he did comes to fruition now.

It was a normal school day, I was playing and winning at football with my friends, despite me being the worst player there, the support never vanished.

I had to take a pee-break. Came out one minute later and twenty feet away from me is a good female friend, E, screaming as if choking. Then she fell to her knees. Behind her holding the rope and pulling was none other than J.

A fuse went off in me then. I bolted with the speed of Usain Bolt and power kicked his just-vulnerable side, knocking him down. Pounced on him and punched him probably twenty times with what felt like the strength of Dwayne Johnson, I was the tallest and one of the strongest though, until his face looked as if it was given a fist-bum with the Hulk. It was red, purple, bloody, just like my hand.

I didn't even get caught. Everyone gathered as soon as the teachers shouted and pulled me into the crowd. A couple of rivals in the other class gave me smiles and one high-fived me. Everyone at that school really was the best. The girl I saved, E, thanked me at least 10 times a day and hugged me at least twice a day for the rest of the year.

J had temporary amnesia and didn't remember getting beaten up until he came back to school, could never remember who by. When he was back, E and I would stay at least 10ft near each other and would be stuck together like glue if he came near, unfortunately I couldn't threaten him as that may have triggered his memory.

Its been five years. E is doing well with a loving and protective boyfriend as I know.

J found me on Facebook a year ago. He goes to a school that helps people with disorders and mental illnesses, has a pretty girlfriend and seems to be doing well.

Haven't talked to him since.

TL;DR-Kid with worsening ADHD strangled a girl in school, practically turned him into a crushed tomato when I was done punching.

My very first day of high school. I was walking toward my locker to go home when I ran into a large group of kids in the hallway. My locker was beyond the rear line and up ahead I could see some kind of commotion. I heard screaming, words I'd never heard before (even when my one grandfather was drunk) and kids in the crowd either shouting encouragement or "break it up."

Being small, I worked my way close enough to the front to see that it was two girls fighting. I could see torn clothes and blood. Just about then, a teacher pushed his way through the crowd and tried to grab the two girls. Incredibly, they momentarily stopped their feud and both turned on him. Seconds later, with his face and arms badly torn up, he staggered back through the crowd (and so I learned later) collapsed on the floor.

They went back to their fight and it went on for nearly 5 more minutes until the cops showed up. Two cops assessed the situation and stood down for a couple more minutes until two more cops and a sergeant showed up. Now they all waded in and managed to stop the fight. It two two cops on each girl to get them apart and they ended up scratched up seriously in the process.

End result: the teacher had some deep scratches, resulting in a couple permanent nasty scars. Both girls ended up with deep scratches and gouges that required hospitalization and one lost an eye as well. Both were more than half naked due to torn clothes and covered in blood when the cops finally pulled them apart. People up close claimed that the one girl's eye was also hanging out of the eye socket, though I didn't see that.

The fight was over: you guessed ... a boy. Both were seniors and it turned out that the same boy was seeing both of them behind each other's back. The one who lost the eye was deemed not to have started it and to have tried to get away several times. Nevertheless, she was alleged to be the one who first turned on the teacher when he tried to break it up. She also did serious permanent disfigurement to the other girl's face.

Both were 17 at the time and so looking at adult time. One got 5 years while the other got a bit less than two years that could be served in County.

The boy ... got nothing. Dating two women at the same time might be stupid, but it's legal. He took off just as the verbal part started to get physical. The one girl caught the second one (the one who lost the eye) making out with the guy under a stairway. The shouting continued as they all went up the stairs and into the hallway. Shouting turns to shoving, and that's when Lover Boy hauls it.

He and several "athlete friends (aka jocks)" supposedly came back a couple minutes later. By then the fight was going full tilt and a crowd was gathering. That's when they took off again, perhaps to avoid any responsibility. Sorry to say, it worked. The parents of the girl who lost the eye tried sued his parents and the school district.

They ended up 1 for 2 - the court said they couldn't sue the boy because "teen boys (he was 16) will be boys and he didn't cause the fight." They both could have walked away, including from him and they were both a year older and seniors while he was a junior." The District had to pay up and big time, including that the more injured girl could no longer be a model or film personality, as she'd planned.

Fairly or not, the girl first dating the guy (the one with both eyes still) got nothing even though she too had serious facial injuries. She was deemed the aggressor and the 1966 version of a "thug girl."

That was the most disgusting thing I ever saw in 4 years.

There was this kid in my English class with a reputation, I was in the 10th grade he was a "senior" he had a couple of issues that no one really took seriously. One of them was his mother. It was 2004 and your mama jokes were in full swing.

We were sitting in class and the teacher was talking about McBeth or some Shakespeare's shit. He raised his hand and asked something like "Who was the character that was having relations with blah blah." A more popular kid in the back said "yo mama"

This kid stoop up cool and calculated stood over the kid that said that and started to force himself to gag. The kid in the back started to get up but it was too late. The guy forced himself to throw up all over the kids face, shoved him to the ground and shoved his palms into the other kids eyes. The kid on the ground was gasping for air while also inhaling the throw up. Another bigger kid in the back tried to get up to get the other kid off him. There was throwup all over the ground at this point, as he was lifting him and shifting his weight to his heels to do so, he fell backwards. He lowered his right shoulder and turned his head to try to see where he was falling and put his arm out but his face directly hit the chair behind him. He was left with an extreme bloody nose, he was later diagnosed with leukemia but that's another story.

The kid who threw up was now fighting the kid who tried to help the kid who got thrown up on and hitting him with his throw up hands. The bigger kid was covering his nose with one hand and trying to keep him off with the other. By this point only 30-45 sec had passed and the teacher was on the phone. All the other kids were trying to get out of their way. The bigger kid gained his sense and flipped the throw up kid with both hands, the bigger kids nose was still running and they were face to face. Now the throwup kid had blood on his face. The kid who made the yo mama joke had most of the throwup out of his eyes and was able to open them they were brighter red than mine after two blunts to the face. He was squinting with hands in front because he could barely see. He started kicking the kid with the bloody nose mistaking him for the kid that he thrown up on him. The bigger kid turned around with a look that said "wtf" and said something like "get off me what are you doing" he kicked the kids legs out from underneath of the yo mama kid and all three of them were rolling all over each other. The yo mama kid hit his head pretty hard on the desk beside them and pulled himself away from those two

The teacher half heartedly tried to get involved, having already called the front office, with her hands in the "this is gross but I guess I gotta do something" position this whole time she had been screaming stop stop.

At this point throw up kid got out from underneath bloody nose kid and they were both laying on their sides facing each other holding their shoulders. They both got leg underneath of themselves and while the bigger kid was standing up the throw up kid had more momentum and used his weight to shove him back down. The desk was now in between them and the teacher and the teacher looked relieved. He managed to pin both of the bigger kids hands down and started to gag again. He must've not had anything left and the bigger kid punched him in the face and got out of there. He was now on the other side of the desk with the teacher face covered in blood and a small amount of throwup. The throw up kid was relentless both bob and weaving wherever the bigger kid looked like he was heading, the bigger kid trying to get away but also pinned between the teacher and the wall. At this this point the teacher is beside herself and goes to the hallway, the bigger kid following, to flag down the super attendant who was on his way. The bigger kid ran trying to put chairs between him and the crazy kid. And made it to the hallway and closed the door so the throw up kid couldn't get him. All the kids are at one side of the room and the smell starts to set in. The throwup kid doesn't even know what to do at this point. The yo mama kid is holding his head with one hand and wiping the throwup off his face with his sweatshirt.

This is the weirdest part the throw up kid sits back down at his desk. While keeping an eye on the yo mama kid. The teacher and super attendant come into the classroom and grab the kid and bring him to the office. Once the super attendant had a hold of him the teacher goes back to the yo mama kid and helps him to the nurse. The throwup was all down his shirt and in his hair. By far the grossest things I've seen.

Thank you for the answer request. Here are a few answers off the top off my head:

1.) I had a former friend who carved a guy's name into her leg with a pen in high school. When she showed it to me, there was still ink in the wound and it looked irritated, but she got lucky that it didn't turn into a serious infection.

2.) One of the male P.E. teachers in high school (a married man with children around my age) ogled the girls in his classes all the time. Teenage girls feel self-conscious enough without being creeped out on a regular basis.

3.) This last one isn't something I found disgusting, but the other students in class with me might have been a bit grossed out. We had about six weeks of swimming scheduled during P.E. class somewhere during my early high school years. I remember it was fairly cold out and we had to walk outside and across the street to the old gym where the pool was located. It's an old school with several separate, but nearby, buildings. The pool was newer than much of the school, but was definitely in need of repair by the time I went to school there. A good friend of mine had P.E. class earlier than I did and mentioned that some of the flooring of the pool had come loose and out. I didn't think much of it. Anyway, I'm in the pool, a few friends and I are playing a version of water volleyball, and I "ran" to keep the ball in the air. I slid on the flooring and felt a scrape on my left foot. I had missed the volleyball, so I grabbed it and went back to my friends. We had to wait to continue playing because another group of kids in the class sloshed between us to grab their ball. My foot stung lightly and I remember thinking, "Wow, how bad did I scrape it that it stings this much?" (I was very familiar with scraping myself while playing in pools and it never bothered me much before.) I brought my foot up above the surface of the water and saw a huge gash right along the ball of the foot. Once out of the water, blood started pouring out. I managed to hop on the other leg over to the edge of the pool and climb out. The teacher was called over, told me to wrap my foot and keep pressure on it, change, get my things, and go to the nurse's office. I left a trail of blood as a friend helped me hobble to the changing rooms where the towels were kept. We wrapped my foot as best we could, but then I had to change out of my swimsuit and into my street clothes- not an easy task when still half wet, trying to keep pressure on my foot, get into a pair of underwear, a pair of jeans, and hook my bra. I somehow managed to grab my purse, books, the shoe and sock I couldn't put on, etc., that I had brought with me, and hobble in the freezing cold with wet hair back across the street, up the stairs into the school, and to the nurse's office. She was able to put on a few butterfly bandages and called my mom. I almost needed stitches, but a day and a half off of school with my foot up and bandages holding it together was long enough for it to heal up without reopening. I found out afterward I was a bit of a "celebrity." I was the girl who got the pool closed for the rest of the day because they had to spray off all the blood and disinfect everything. Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks later, I helped get the pool closed down for repairs because I had to go to the nurse's office again. The chlorinator broke, spewing tons of chemicals into the pool. I got a high enough dose to need to flush my eyes with water and deal with them watering like crazy for awhile, along with several other students.

I went to (and still am going to) one of the most expensive high school in my country with average annual tuition being $6,700 plus additional thousands more in dormitory and meals.

Now, this high school was considered prestigious by many middle schoolers and university admission offices throughout South Korea. We were filled kids with perfect report card in middle schools, will to study harder than anyone, and were nearly indoctrinated to think that GPA = intelligence = your only way to good jobs.

Anyways, this school was charging us with ridiculous amount of tuition and other additional payments only because people believed that this school will ‘raise' their kids' future college tiers from a not-so-famous local college to the nation's best universities like Seoul National Univ or Korea Univ (think Ivy Leagues and Cambridge/Oxford to get a sense).

In order to get into these selective and demanding universities, South Korean students need to have a strong GPA, dozens of awards in school competitions, and a good score in CSAT (Korea's SAT). Sounds similar to the US, right?

But this is only the part of the story.

University admission offices in Korea often look at the brand value (often called name value of the school among parents) of the high schools applicants are from. This often leads to more generous view on applicants from famous high schools than their counterparts from high schools with low or no brand value. So students from a famous high school can get accepted to selective universities with lower GPA even when there's a different student with near perfect GPA that's from a relatively unknown high school.

"But wait a second."

"Why would universities do that? I mean, don't they like students with higher GPA always?"

To answer this obvious question in everyone's heads, we need to know how Koreans calculate GPA (and brace yourself, Korea has a heck of a complicated grading methods).

In South Korea, GPAs are calculated in a completely different style than other developed nations. We calculate GPA by relativistic terms, meaning if you are on a higher percentile, you get a lower number, and if you are on a lower percentile, you get a higher number. Having a lower number equals higher score, and therefore higher GPA. This is how we calculate GPA in Korea:

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