What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you while boating?

In my twenties I went on a cruise on board the old RMS Dunera, usually used by schools for holiday trips, but on this occasion hired by a private association. I was billeted in a dormitory at the bow of the ship with half a dozen young men.

We were invited to take part in a ‘crossing the line' ceremony at the ships pool and I joined in. We were told to come in our swim suits and nothing else as we were due to be lathered as part of a shaving ceremony.

I wore my red sailcloth shorts which I normally used for swimming. I usually wore them without anything under them, but as a precaution I decided to wear also a pair of red nylon skants underneath. When my turn came to be lathered it seemed some sort of a mix akin to porridge was being used and the sticky substance covered me from head almost down to my knees.

We successfully crossed the line and I decided that I'd make my way to the communal showers near our dormitory. However, the man in charge of the ceremony was using a hose to clear away most of the sticky mess and he gently hosed me down for which I was grateful. He clearly wanted to be thorough as he pulled open the front of my trunks and squirted some water down at the same time rubbing my chest and belly to clear the mixture. His hand went down into my trunks and encountered my skants. If I'd obeyed the instruction not to wear more than swim trunks his hands would have had full access to my male attributes. After briefly squirting his hose down my shorts, he went on to the next participant. I was fairly sure he was enjoying what he was doing, but I steered well clear of him for the rest of the cruise.

As an immigrant in the US, what do you wish Americans knew?

What I don't really like about Americans is that they take everything for granted, of course I'm not talking about everyone.They were born in the US and have never experienced what it's like to be in a distant country with no money where people have different

What are some examples of corrosive alkalis?

I assume you know that alkalis are soluble hydroxides so I won't bore you with the details.The most corrosive alkalis would be the hydroxides of the Group 1 metals and the lower members of the Group ll metals.The elements of Groups 1 and 2 become more reactive as

Why are European countries so small?

Most European borders were largely established before mechanised transport came into existence. In those days the only way to travel great distances was by walking or using a horseSo you're talking of an army moving only about 20 miles a day How far a horse travels in one day Thus to move armies from one side of