What is the most expensive dinner you've ever paid for?

In today's US economy, it's "easy" to fine dine as a working, salaried professional in a busy metropolitan city such as Downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, etc. For instance, in Downtown LA, where I am at the moment, dinner can easily look like this if you're particularly hungry and it's been a long day:

  • Cocktail, glass of wine, or glass of whiskey: $15–20
  • Appetizer (rarely, but let's say I'm starving): $15
  • Main: $20

That's already over $50 for one "meal." Also, I usually tip at least 20% out of habit because I used to bus tables at a jazz restaurant/club/bar while I was in high school, so I get the hustle.

Admittedly that's a lot of cash and I rarely ever splurge like that. Personally I'd rather eat at home, and I love to cook, but sometimes I can't be bothered because sometimes I'm exhausted and it's nice to eat out here and there!

That's not the most expensive meal I've eaten though.

I would say the most expensive meal I've eaten is while I'd been totally broke and had to choose whether I wanted to use my money for gas (totally necessary for LA life), one of the copays for a medication I take regularly for a chronic condition, or food. Hard to decide.

Expensive is relative.

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