What is the most functional fitness exercises?

As Mark says... Rather depends what you want in terms of "fitness".

That means many things to many people. Want to run a marathon? That requires a different sort of fitness compared to someone who wants to do well with weekly pickup basketball games.

Want to prepare yourself for a trek in the Himalayas? You'd work differently than if you wanted to compete in a martial-arts tournament.

Fitness is multifaceted, and includes aerobic or cardiovascular efficiency, strength, power, agility, endurance, etc, etc.

For most, a simple, whole-body weight-training program, coupled with an aerobic ("cardio") component, will give a good baseline of fitness that can then be geared towards specific sports or activity-related goals.

Why am I losing too much hair as a teenager?

You must oil your hair every month at least.Avoid hard water.Use filtered water which has less salt.Use bisleri if you wish for hair alone.Keep hair clean do not keep touching.Brush once everyday.allow it to grow longer.Use iron tablets.Use bringa

How can a girl come to know about a man's character in an arranged marriage before the wedding?

Character of any person is defined by a lot of attributes. For some drinking is lack of character, while for others it is not. For others, being sarcastic is offensive while for some it may not. So, you got to decide what you absolutely hate in a man's

Why does the LGBT community stick together?

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people all face the exact same barriers in marriage equality, spousal rights in medical and inheritance and other challenges. Bisexual people may only experience these hurdles in some of their relationships but it is more than enough to be a severe hindrance. So there is that.Oh wait