What is the most insane/scariest nightmare you have had?

I've had a lot of bad nightmares, usually have them at least once a week. It's hard to pinpoint which was the worst, but there is one that usually comes to mind, even though I had it years ago.

I was in a hospital and a woman was giving birth to seven babies. She was covered in blood. The babies were being delivered through a hole in the side of her mouth. They were all extremely tiny, maybe half an inch long.

I delivered the first six without any problems. Then the seventh one came out. It was covered in dried up blood, and its heartbeat was extremely faint. I knew it was going to die. I rushed over to the sink and started to wash away the blood, but when the blood washed away on the left side, it wasn't skin underneath, it was skeleton.

This was the first nightmare that I put into the "Okay, that's actually fucked up" category. It is memorable in that way. But there have been worse. My nightmares are so common that I would no longer put this in even the top ten worst nightmares.

Let me share another nightmare I had not so long ago.

I was in a drive thru. But a lady had to personally come up to my car door to hand me my food. There were a bunch of birds flying around everywhere, and many of them came into my car. At first they were crows, but I know they were also pigeons at some point. Apparently, the government had put a regulation in place to protect birds. This regulation is that if you have touched 7 birds in one day, you cannot buy fast food that day.

I had already touched several birds, so I quickly started shooshing them all out of my car. There was one last bird left, though it was a duckling now. It got out of my car, so I frantically started rolling up the window so that no more could come back in. But when I did that, the duckling tried getting back inside, and its neck got caught in the window. I heard a crunch.

It was dangling there until I rolled the window back down, then it fell onto the floor and started wriggling around with a contorted neck. My car was now gone and I was standing there staring down at it. The fast food worker was horrified, and now there were a bunch of people in the background sending me evil looks. Everyone instantly hated me.

I knew the duckling could not survive, and it would be in pain until it died. So, I decided to step on it. I stepped on its head and I heard a crunch, but it wouldn't die. People kept getting angrier and angrier the more I tried to kill it. I felt disgusted, as I only kept bringing it more pain, when I was trying to end its pain.

Then it turned into a panther cub. It was completely disgusting - its skin was hanging off, its leg was ripped off, its neck was contorted, and it was extremely bloody. The gore seemed extremely realistic.

Now, the plot history of the dream changed. It turns out that apparently, this panther had scratched the drive thru worker. I thought he was trying to kill her, and to protect her, that is when I broke its neck.

But it turns out, he had scratched her accidentally. He was a very friendly panther, and I was a monster for hurting him. Everyone hated me for this.

Back to the present. Again, I was aware he could not live with the injuries he had, so I kept trying to step on his neck. He was attacking me during this. There was a lot of cracking. The injuries only became worse as the time went on, yet he still continued to live, and my guilt continued to grow. Everyone kept getting madder and madder at me. I felt so ashamed for what I had done, and everyone thought I was despicable.

I will share one last nightmare. I'll try to keep it short and to the point.

I went outside and saw my grandfather get hit by a car. He was squished. I ran over to him and he got ran over a few more times. I heard this "swoosh" sound come out of him as he deflated. He became as flat as a pancake. Perhaps even worse than this is that there were a lot of bystanders, and I kept screaming for help, and no one cared.

I have a lot of nightmares about my grandfather. Sometimes he hates me. Sometimes he dies (including by suicide). Sometimes, people make fun of him for not being able to talk correctly after his brain surgery, or they misunderstand him and think he's a bad person.

I also have a lot of dreams of my mom trying to kill me, usually with a knife, and she doesn't care at all about the distress I am in. I keep begging her to care, and she just laughs at me.

Okay, my bad dreams probably don't qualify as nightmares...maybe unsettling would be a better word for my dreams. These started years after I returned from my tour in Vietnam. My job while in Vietnam was aircraft maintenance officer, which means for the most part I was working on an airfield, not humping through jungles and rice paddies with other soldiers looking for bad guys.

There for a period of time I would have the occasional dream of me being in Vietnam on the ground trying to escape and evade a hoard of Viet Cong that were looking for me. The dream usually involved me doing a lot of running through the jungle with the Viet Cong hot on my trail. I always woke up before they caught me, but it was still unsettling for a day or two. Nothing serious mind you, just unsettling and wondering why I would dream that scenario. I have no clue as to why I would dream that.

Happily I haven't had that kind of dream in quite some time now, so perhaps what ever was causing that dream has been resolved or has faded away permanently...I certainly hope so.

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