What is the most insane thing you have ever seen?

Have you ever watched the "Sports Channels" on hunting ? I saw two men and a teen who had killed a white mountain goat. I recognized the teen and one of the men. The teen was sort of playing with the body of the dead goat. It was such a remarkable animal. I later saw a notice in the paper in Oregon looking for hunters that were illegally hunting and shooting mountain goats. I had just seen it televised.
Have you ever been into a hunting store and seen the contraptions they used to catch animals? They are beyond cruel. Stop and think about what is in the minds of the people that make this stuff. Totally sick.

I also saw a young man assaulted on the television show "Ridiculousness". He was smoking, and he looked just like my nephew. Some African American guy walks up behind him and hits him with club, knocks him out. Everyone on the show was laughing. I was not. An assault on prime time. Recorded. Think they arrested the responsible party?

A tornado went though Oklahoma and a school was destroyed. 20 plus children were killed. Why wouldn't a school in tornado al have a storm cellar of some kind?

I used to work at a sports store that had minimal supervision, and the managers weren't very ethical. I had an assistant manager that still had his job, even though he stole constantly from the other stores around the area he worked at. One night it was just him and I closing up. He took an outfit off the floor, went into the changing room and put it on. Then he grabbed a pair of expensive Jordan's and put those on as well.

I was just shell shocked and asked him what the hell he was doing. He replied, I forgot to bring an outfit to wear out for the night.

The next day I had brought up what this guy did with one of my coworkers, his friend also. He told me this assistant manager does that all the time. He'll take an outfit off the floor, take the tags off and put them in his wallet, grab some shoes to match the outfit to wear out for the night. Then he'll wash them and clean the shoes, attach the tags and put them back on the wall the next day or so.

To me that was insane, and he never got fired for it!

It was so unexpected and intense...

This year, in March, so before I moved in July, I was in an apartment since almost 6 years and right next to me was a lady who her teenage son, about 14 or 15 years old, had just moved in. Right next to my door.

One night, the police knocked at our door, and we discovered her son was drugged and trying to kill her and his sister, and was destroying everything inside his mom's apartment. He was a drug addict. Everyone was evacuated outside and we had to wait 3 hours throughout the night until they sedated him and sent him to the ER. FInally we went back to sleep, probably so many couldn't sleep but I did regain my sleep. I even took a video of the aftermath after everyone was back in since I didn't have my phone outside.

That was sure the craziest day of my life. Her son never came back, and she and her daughter were evicted from the apartment to avoid further problems. She found a new place to live, and now the boy's sister is scared of him and went to live with her boyfriend. I sure do feel bad for this fella and his family and also I discovered his FB account, all his friends were sad for him.

"Insane" technically or just like crazy weird stuff?

The most awesomely crazy thing I saw as a young girl was a sheep being eaten alive by maggots. That was an insane day on the farm.

Other than that, nothing in my life is crazier or more insane than the evening news, even though I've seen some remarkable things, they are nothing others don't experience in life.

I've been locked up in a jail cell, that's an insane world for certain, yet for so many, that's regular life with all the strangeness that does happen there.

I've been in the hospital, talk about an insane world that is, yet, mostly regular to so many so, really, it's normal.

That's all I've seen so far - maggots are probably my highlight.

Ha! You just made me remember something! About a year ago I was driving down the street to the store to pick up some peppers. It was pretty windy, and the forecast was a blizzard. On the way there, I ran into a traffic jam. Irritated, I looked out the window to see what the holdup was. "Is that a... no. No way. Wait... yes way-what the hell?!" A giant doughnut. In the street. Blocking traffic. Apparently, it was the doughnut from a sign that had been blown off by the wind. That was a once in a lifetime experience. I bet you will never see a giant doughnut in the street.

My ex, his sister Kathleen had a resident in my building...now understand context. I presented extremely serious Evidences for prosecution in 2011. My ex, he told me that he was gonna win the lawsuit protecting the criminals. Screamed this....it's years later. His sister Kathleen has this vicious heroin abuser tell me that she had a message for me ...land she smirked and boasted of perjury. It was absurd, this crime upon a crime from someone whom I hadn't seen for years, and frankly only want to see that mugshot ASAP. Of each. Rr

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