What is the most memorable teacher you've had?

The first one that came to my mind was Missing Fernanda, she truly loved her job, she always taught us with such enthusiasm and happiness that it was impossible to get bored during her lessons. Buuuut it was not impossible to not appreciate her efforts, I was a prepubescent brat and well, I was very rude and didn't respect her class, she only yelled at me once though, yet one time was enough to at least get me to respect class time, she was a great teacher.

I wish I could tell her I really appreciated her.

The first teacher that came to mind was my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Baily. She was so gentle and kind with me. She knew my parents were fighting at home and cut me slack. She made a big deal out of my accomplishments and I always felt special around her. The following year in 3rd grade I had the teacher from hell, Mrs.Longfellow what a raging bitch.

What is the biggest "aha" moment you've ever had, which changed the course of your life entirely?

I had just gotten out of a decade plus relationship. It had lasted most of my adult life. From the time I was seventeen to twenty eight.There was rage and apathy in equal measure. I went through the whole gambit of emotions. I was

Why should I travel to Hawaii?

Because their isn't any other experience like Hawaii anywhere else.  The carribeans could be close, but not exact. It's all up to what kind of person are though. I've met a few people who think Hawaii is overrated. I'll tell you what though; there is a difference between living there & visiting.

How do different cultures perceive the idea of God?

It has nothing to do with truth. God is completely individual perception. You try to improve your perception that takes you towards truth or God.