What is the most painful part about growing old?

Emotionally, I'm sure that it's losing your spouse; this, of course, happens more frequently among the elderly than the young. The death rate of the survivor is quite high in the 6-month period after the loss of a spouse.

OBJECTIVES. This study examines excess mortality among Finnish persons after the death of a spouse, by sex, the subject's cause of death, duration of bereavement, and age. METHODS. The subjects were 1580000 married Finnish persons aged 35 through 84 years who were followed up from 1986 through 1991. RESULTS. Excess mortality among the bereaved was high from accidental, violent, and alcohol-related causes (50% to 150%), moderate for chronic ischemic heart disease and lung cancer (20% to 35%), and small for other causes (5% to 15%). Excess mortality was greater at short ( < 6 months) rather than long durations of bereavement and among younger rather than older bereaved persons for most causes of death; it was also greater among men that women. CONCLUSIONS. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that excess mortality after the death of a spouse is partly caused by stress. The loss of social support or the inability to cope with stress may explain why men suffer from bereavement more than do women.

SOURCE: Mortality after the death of a spouse: rates and causes of death in a large Finnish cohort.

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I think the most painful part is being treated like imbeciles by impatient younger people who don't realise that it is your body and parts of your brain that are aging and not your soul or character. Society does not give credit to older people who were once on top of their game, were huge contributors to society, raised children, built businesses and took responsibility for numerous families through their employees.

They have a vast amount of experience and expertise and even if they are disabled or mentally incapacitated, all old people have the right to be treated with love and respect, not only because the are living beings, but because they paved the way for society today.

The way the economy works. If you don't lose your savings due to a ecomonic crash, by the time you are old, the savings you worked so hard for is worth a fraction of its worth by the time you are old. Unfortunately, people need money to be able to take care of themselves. So here you are, old without the means of survival. That's why "average life span" is lower in the poorer states. And this I anaverage of the shortest to the longest, it doesn't show what percentage of the population is in the lower numbers and what percentage is in the higher numbers. I guarantee it will get much worse. I'm only at the beginning of the baby boom generation.

Losing your looks, your energy, your virility just to name a few significant things. Gives you something to look forward to if you want to think about it. Last but not least, worrying about your health so you can continue to suffer. The reason they call it your golden years is because you'll need a lot of gold to survive. Insurance companies will penalize you for living so long by tripling your life insurance premiums because they are disappointed you haven't died yet according to their stats. They treat you like you are an anomaly. All this is the good news. You don't want to know the bad news.

The most painful part of growing old ? Because of injury or poor health, not being able to move about as you once did. Things that once were pleasurable Ike walking your dog or working in the house or yard are no longer available to you because you have a hard time getting around .

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