What is the most pointless thing you spent time trying to figure out/learn?

Accepting the fact that I will die someday.

Since my childhood , I have been extremely paranoid of diseases and any and every disease would make me feel as if my days are numbered. I was scared of getting diagnosed or even visiting the doctor. I have spent countless hours listening to my heartbeat and trying to estimate when it would stop. After I recovered from any disease I would consider myself lucky that i was alive.

There were nights I could not sleep when I would think of the surrounding world without me. After I got access to the internet and became an expert in googling my symptoms , a small pain here and there in my body was enough to make me feel that I have got a deadly disease in me.

However, I dont know how but slowly I started accepting the fact that I am as ephemeral as anybody else. May be age , maturity or love did its trick on me. At this moment I am happy the way I am . I try not to think about things I cant control !

Why does exercise make me feel worse off?

Probably the fittest person I ever knew had a similar thing. He was an accomplished Ironman participant (v. nearly qualifying for Kona on a a couple of occasions). However, he told me that he felt the same (mentally) after exercise. I'd say aches and pains are perfectly normal for any newish participant in any form of exercise. But,

Is good communication the most important factor in a marriage?

Through years of marriage, my wife and I have had some, shall we say, very animated conversations. Ones, in which, we communicated perhaps more clearly than appreciated.Early in our marriage, I felt a need when we clashed, to hash it all out. To the very end. So we could both state our

Are English people really Anglo-Saxon?

No, for a start ~21% of the population of England are foreign born, 14% are non European , of the remainder you have a mix of British, Angle, Saxon, Jute, Frisian, Dane, Irish, Scottish, French, Flemish, Italian, Polish, Russian, ....... linages.There have been several genetic maps drawn plotting the relative mixes, both on