What is the most popular sport in the world?

There are two ways of answering this question.  The first is popularity based on supporters and fans, and the second is based on participation numbers.   It also depends on if you define something as a sport or a leisure activity.

One of the best organizations in compiling data about relative popularity is the International Olympic Committee , as participation numbers globally are one of the criteria for inclusion on the Olympic program.   Based on http://www.olympic.org/Documents... , the following is a list of International Sports Federation by member count where they have 190+s members:

My husband wants a divorce, but this means we have to sell our home, which I don't want? What can we do?

Call an attorney.While each state is different... you must find out what are the divorce laws in YOUR state. If you want to keep the home, then you could take your half of the split in

What foods go with a healthy diet?

Eating everything on moderation is the key to health. While having said that, leaving a few things probably will be a great idea with no harm. Eg: refined sugar, refined flour, carbonated beverages, processed food items like chips etc. While the things which can be added are whole grains, fresh

Which computer language do I need to learn for learning ethical hacking?

I prefer ‘Python' over other languages for hacking.Though C,C++ and Java are the basics of programming they don't come in handy when it comes to hacking. Where as python will save a lot of time and it is quite simple.See the following example from another QuoranC++#include<iostream>using namespace std;void main()