What is the most ridiculous reaction you've seen someone have for a minor car accident?

About 15 years ago, I was driving our old E28 BMW home from work. We lived in a small town, and I was a few blocks from home, held up by the traffic up ahead at the four-way stop. Cars were angle parked along the side of the street, so I was sitting in the street behind the row of parked cars.

I saw a vehicle start up to my right, reverse lights came on, and it started to move slowly backwards towards my car. Due to the lineup of cars in front of me and oncoming traffic, I was blocked in completely so I pressed the horn and just held it until the other vehicle ran into the door of my car and stopped.

I refused to move, because I'm a car guy, I really liked that car in particular, I didn't have extra money to spend getting it repaired, and I wasn't taking a chance on the other driver taking off. I sat there until a police officer got there so he could see what had taken place, as close to firsthand as possible.

I explained to the officer what had happened and pointed out the damage on my car, which aligned perfectly with the bumper of the other car.

The other driver said, "Are you sure it wasn't already like that?" Ummm...sure, lady, I had a big dent in my car already and just by chance, it was in the exact spot you hit when you backed into me, and now I'm trying to shake you down for money. Yeah, that's probably what's going on here.

An officer was dispatched to a minor damage crash at a private driveway near dowmtown. I was nearby and drove over to see if I could assist. I arrived first and found a guy I knew blowing a major temper tantrum over his neighbor backing into his pickup truck. The neighbor was standing here hanging his head in despair while in between his ranting and crying like a temperamental two year old the acquaintance was castigating the neighbor and making dire promises to own him and every possession he has. I mentioned that I knew the truck owner...yes, I knew him as the most immature and manipulative 50-something I'd ever been around. He lived with his mother in her house and mooched off her while working part time when he felt like it. Meanwhile he had gotten control of her finances and used lots of her money to buy himself collectible motorcycles, plus the new pickup truck that had been damaged. Sure, anyone would have been disappointed at the small dent in the truck but this was way over the top. I told him if he didn't settle down and act like an adult he would shortly find himself under arrest for disorderly conduct and he did respond positively to that.

This past summer I was turning right out of the plaza, The slow lane going west had to stop to let a car into the plaza but it was held upon by a pedestrian crossing the entrance 2 cars that were going west bumped very very lightly into the back of this white Chevy cruze. The woman opened her door and just about killed her self as she forgot above her seatbelt. Then she does the croucho marks walk or run to the back passenger door. She just about tears the door handle off as the door is locked so back around to the driver's door to unlock all the doors, she is absolutely screaming buy now so get out and run over to see what the hell was going on. I got there just as she opens the door and nestled and laughing is a 5 month old in a rear facing car seat I look at her and say he is absolutely fine but she was having non of this, I am not sure how long this went on as I left.

What would happen if humans suddenly ceased to exist?

In time there would be a miraculous recovery of the ecosystems which humans have ravaged. The entire world might become a new Eden.That being said, it would be an enormous loss to the world if humans disappeared. We are, so far as we know,

Do psychopathic children get excited at Christmas morning?

My two children do different things. One will only open presents when she is alone, as she doesnt want to have others see her excitement at getting the present. I suspect it may feel like they have power over her.My son hacked into my amazon account, looked up all the gifts,