What is the most shocking sickness or injury you have seen in a hospital?

I work in the Emergency Department, so I see some pretty crazy crap. Gun shots, stabbings, heart attacks, etc etc. These two sitiations are still the wildest. We had an elderly couple come in, late 60s. The wife is assisting the husband who appears to have trouble walking. I'm thinking a fall or something along those lines. I go to the room to register him as they take him back pretty quickly. I do registration so I ask my usually address, phone number, insurance, and I get to the how long has this been going on part. His wife says he fell on a sweet potato and its in his rectum. WHAT??? I thought I miss heard her, but no thats exactly what she said. Another one was a patient who had diabetes and was supposed to do weekly wound care. He didn't like it (I don't blame him as its very painful) and he would come to us every month. A leg wound filled with maggots, MAGGOTS! And the smell!!!! It smelled like rotting... well you get it.

I'm not going to give you gore porn. Instead, I'll tell you a case that surprised me. It wasn't in the hospital, but I picked up a lady whose left eye had suddenly nearly popped out of her head. I almost didn't believe her, I was sure she had fallen or had a prior injury and was pulling my leg. She denied significant pain, no trauma, stable vital signs, just one eye suddenly sticking out of her face. We load her up, and I ponder and fret over her the whole way to the hospital. We hand her off to the nurse, who almost didn't believe me about the patient, and leave. I come back an hour later and the ED is scrambling to get her out to higher level of care because the CT revealed the patient had a Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis, which is a clot that blocks a significant amount of blood drainage from the brain. The backed up pressure sometimes, uh, displaces things. In her case, what happened was my favorite harry potter sounding medical word: "Exopthalmos!"

(I know some people aren't going to like this story. Bear in mind, this happened in the 70's before I was born when things were a lot different. With my fiancé being an MD and an aunt who is a PA, I can tell you that yes, physicians often have a morbid sense of humor and if you ever go to the hospital because you do something incredibly stupid, they ARE going to talk about it even if they can't divulge your personal information. If you are easily offended, I would not proceed with this story because it is outrageous and it's one of those stories that are so crazy that you couldn't make it up. With that said.......)

I am passing this along as a second hand. But I was at a loss for words the first time I heard it. I live in Oklahoma City, but an uncle of mine lived in Southern California for several years. He lived quite the life and had several jobs while living in SoCal, including being in a traveling band, an artist, a background actor, and a professional wrestler. His main job that paid the bills was his work as an EMT.
He told me that the 4th of July was always one of their most busy days of the year, for obvious reasons. In addition to the idiots having roman candle fights and blowing themselves up, he said drunk driving related accidents were insanely high, as were domestic disputes and other alcohol related incidents.
On one particular 4th of July, he said they were incredibly busy....even by 4th of July standards. He said they were backlogged and were making one hospital drop after another. After one particular drop, my uncle says the doctor called out to him, "Hey Chief!" (My ethnicity is mostly Native American as is my uncle is very personable and friendly. He was friends with several of the doctors in the area who all called him "chief.")
Doctor who is chuckling to himself says, "C'mon and take a break, I've got to show you something."
Uncle says, "Doc, I'd love to. But we are so far behind and we have several calls to make."
Doctor: "You've been running ragged for hours. Take a break. I'll call dispatch and tell them I need your assistance here. This will only take a few minutes."
Uncle: "Ok, ok....what is it you want to show me?"
Doctor: "Follow me, Chief."

The Dr leads him to a room where a very effeminate man has facial burns and has part of his mustache burned off. (I've always imagined the biker from The Village People.) Uncle said that the effeminate man looked up momentarily only to go back to crying into his hands.
Uncle: "Ok, so a gay man burned his face up? What's the big deal?"
Doc: "There's more. C'mon, I'll show you."

The Dr leads him to another room where there is a body lying on a gurney with a sheet that is soaked full of blood. The Dr removes the sheet and underneath is a body lying face down with half of his lower body missing.
Having previously responded to a call where a surfer met his end via shark bite, my uncle found the injury to look very similar to the shark attack and immediately assumed this unlucky fellow met his end at the hands...err..fins of a shark.
Uncle: "What the hell happened to this guy? Did he get bit by a shark?"
Doctor: (chuckling) "No....you remember the gay man we just saw? Well this man was the lover of the gay man with the facial burns. Apparently what happened is these two fellows decided they were going to celebrate the 4th of July. So what they did was, grab a paper towel roll and soak it wet. Once the paper towel roll was soaked, the fellow in the other room shoved it in the ass of this guy here. They figured the paper towel roll would provide protection and the firecracker going off would give a small....tickle."
Doctor: "Apparently what they didn't know was, what they thought was a harmless blackcat-like firecracker turned out to be a mini-stick of dynamite that came from Mexico. When the firework went off, the explosion combusted with his internal gases and blew out his entire ass and his lower back. His lover, who was crotched behind him with the lighter had his lover's ass and insides blow up all over his face."

My uncle surmised that the surviving lover hated the 4th of July and never celebrated it again.

I saw a woman with a sickness unknown to top-notch doctors.

So, a young lady, upper 30's, has had a strange flu like session. This lasted for a few days, then she decided to come in. The reported dizziness, bloody urine, and severe fatigue. The doctors at the local hospital couldn't diagnose it, and sent her home. They thought she had the flu. After another two days of sheer pain, she heads in to our nearest higher level hospita, Sacred Heart. Now she is having joint pain that "jumps" from place to place, and high fever, like 104+.

They take her in, put in Intravsneous fluids, and get her felling better. The best doctors there said "a few more days, and you'd have been dead.".

They run all sorts of tests; Limes, Arthritis, everything. Nothing comes across perfectly clear. She's in and out of the hospital for about 2 months.

This woman is my mother.

After about 4–5 months of getting back in good shape, she goes and visits a "natural" doctor, that uses essential oils and such. They run tests, and diagnose the problem perfectly:

3 types of Limes Disease .

This accounted for the joint pain, dehydration, bloody urine, all of it. Now, my mother has recovered, doing great, and loving life.

This actually happened around March and April of 2016.

i see many cases but one of them touch deep my heart

i remember one day it was raining and i set outside hospital with my coworkers in break time

while a family bring suddenly their father with attack heart

we try many times to Revive the heart

but we not receive any reaction

i still remember face his wife and youngest son when he knew he is passed away

i still remember his older son when he carry the responsible and hides his tears

i still remember full of details that day , it was hard

What traumatic incident completely changed you as a person?

When I was 14, I was diagnosed of Cancer. I am 18 years old now, and I need to visit my doctor every week. Initially I cried a lot. I used to question my parents, why me? They were upset too. But after about a month, I decided

How would African history be different if slaves had never been brought to the New World?

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What is the most memorable place you've visited?

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