What is the most startling thing you have ever realized?

"Do not order so much son! ", my mom exclaimed.

We were at a restaurant in my home town. As always, i did not or maybe did disappoint my mother by finishing all the extra food we had ordered. We never had to use a non-living dustbin when there was a living one in me.

One fine or maybe not at all fine day when me, my mom and my sister were in Lucknow, my mom's long lost uncle invited us to his just found house for his house warming party.

As we entered the party hall, my mom greeted her uncle. I was not at all interested in greeting the long lost uncle I was meeting for the first time. I wouldn't have gone there if it was not for the food.

"And who is he, your husband?" asked the uncle.

"No no, he is my son",

"Namaste uncle", I said.

I lost all the respect I had for myself as well as the uncle after he felt that I was as old as 45 when I was just 20.

I was startled, dumbstruck and what not. I was in sheer shock. I realized that i was actually very fat and needed to get rid of the dustbin.

People need inspiration, motivation to start a vital transformation. I needed someone to call me old, so as to start a transformation to look as young as my actual age.

That the area covered by two polarising filters is darker than the area covered by three as in the photo. Adding a filter lets more light through.

I have to say, I have a drug problem.

I never knew it was a problem. When that reality hit me it shook me to my core.

I have always smoked some weed done a bit of coke tried this then that. But didn't see any thing I'd call a problem.

Until I was 38, alone, totally alone. Homeless, childless, family less, friendless. Manless. Rock bottom. That reality was a hard one.

The drug? Crystal meth. I had it, it had me.

It had me, I didn't have it. I wanted it.

Now I'm clean going on 6 years. I still struggle with phantoms. But God willing I'll never touch it again. . .

How'd I quit? I almost killed my best friend. I gave him a 20 and his first hit of that day, he had a massive stroke. Leaving him fighting for his life. Now he's alive but paralyzed on the right side of his body. He has since used meth 2 more times. I haven't since the day he had his stroke. I scald him when he does use. I mean look what it has already done to him.. but he said he can't pass up the opportunity. .

I have left several places at different times, that's not opportunity that's death. A new job, bigger home, family time, those are opportunities. ..

So as a recovering addict, I didn't know I had a drug problem. Until I stayed off drugs.

Should US take a brave decision against Russian/Iranian invasion in Syria?

Shocking news for you. The United States is the invader of Syria. Yes there is no UN mandate nor Syrian authorization so the USA in Syria is an invader. Also they support terrorist that moderately cut the head of people who is not of their

Is astral projection a common thing?

I think it is, since I've done a fair bit of astral projection in my dreams, although I had no waking intention to do so. Best example is dreaming of an actor-friend I knew who got up to disembark from a plane

If I removed my laptop non removable battery would it work on AC or battery must be plugged in?

Yes, at least it should.  The charging circuit should still be separate from the supply the laptop needs. Even when these batteries fail the power supply can still allow the use of the laptop. Cant guarantee it is with all models and makes but it does with at least some of them. I suppose the source of