What is the most surprising thing has anyone told you?

There a were few, so I'm gonna make a list:

1)"Maybe I would have been with you if you were more normal."

2)"What's wrong?" I innocently and cluelessly asked.

"I thought you were normal, but I was wrong."

3)"Even if you were a sexy bomb I wouldn't made it public on facebook we're together."

4)"You're only thinking about sex." This came from my mom who lost her virginity at 19 and I was 19–20 or something like this when she blurted it out. And bear in mind she was a countryside girl and didn't have access to the wave of information we're buzzed with nowadays.

5)"Why would he be a good match for your cousin?He helped your grandma to pick up the grapes from her garden." This was affirmed by my estranged dad. It sounded like lifting weights is a reasonable and important quality in your significant other for a long-term relationship.

6)"Maybe I prefer her because she's not the fucking virgin like you." Imagine you combine the idea of physical purity with act of penetrating.

7)"I wanted to have sex with you since the first time I saw you." Yeah, what a love declaration. And one of my college mates called me paranoid because I affirmed I'm frigging scared of being manipulated or lied to. That's a recurring theme in my storylines. I mean I asked him if he wants something from me. "No, just to be your friend." And after I brushed off his advances, he said I bore him because I hadn't offered him anything.

8)"I wanna bang you!" That's a catchphrase from a law school student, not a peasant or trafficking guy.

9)"I'm so horny I'd shag a horse." Yeah, and I didn't quit the relationship after my ears had heard it.

10)"Her cousin is sexy." You wouldn't enjoy to grasp a sound of it from the boy you presumably like. Yikes! XD

11)After I refused to send nudes to a guy, he said "You're not willing to offer anything. You're close-minded. You will end up being beaten to death by your husband." Sometimes, he would assert "You will end up a virgin.".Again, I was so flustered. He presented 2 different scenarios that would clash against each other.

12)"If a girl went to a party, a boy asked her to dance and she refused, he was entitled to hit her and the family wouldn't have moved a single finger." I heard it from my grandma and we even got into a tensioned argument because of our stark dissensions.

13)"I'm so bothered I'm right about the things that bother me." I burst after I found out my suspicions were true and the identity of the person my crush loves was eventually revealed.
"Why would you be?" He replied.

14)There was a boy who claimed he takes in interest in me, but every time I would open my mouth to gossip he would retreat and seek a more distant place from mine. I enjoyed it when a college mate confirmed my presumptions he avoids me.

15)"I wanted to love you,but you didn't let me. I just wanted a bit of love." This was his argument after he nagged at me because I didn't wanna let him hurt my cervix or my throat.

16)"How can you be An Atheist if you read a part of the Bible and know stuff?"

17)"As long as we are not together I don't care if you like someone else." I mean he pretended to say he likes me, yet he tried to persuade me to date another person.

I had to laugh at this one.

First off, I don't drive and usually commute by bus which in Arizona, isn't the most luxurious of transportation modes. Waiting at any bus stop will eventually lead to wonderful communications with tons of individuals with questionable mental issues.

My favorite:

One day during my college days, I was sitting waiting for my bus ride home when I noticed a strange guy talking to a woman nearby. She looked scared and nodded and walked rapidly away. A few minutes later he walked to another woman and quietly whispered something to her. She stood up from the bench and walked away, to a bench closer to me. The man, who now approached me, smelled of liquor and I noticed his eyes were bloodshot and he had a wicked smile.

He said," Hi", as he sat next to me.

I didn't say anything.

"Do you want to come over to the alley with me?" he said in a whisper.

I stared at the idiot with a disgusted look on my face.

"Why?" I sarcastically asked.

He smiled and said, "oh, I don't know, why not?"

"No, thanks!" I said and turned away from the creep. He sat there for a minute and walked towards another woman.

The other woman who the creep had previously asked (and had come and sat near me), leaned towards me and said, "You know why I came over here near you?"

"To get away from the freak?" I said.

"No, so he would come and ask you," she said.

I sat there in silence. I had never talked or seen this woman before and yet she was saying this to me. I just sat there.

A few minutes later a policeman walked to the stop and several women talked to him. The psycho(who most likely was high or crazy) was gone but the real question in my head, was who was the bigger monster that day.

We left on separate buses and never said another word to each other the rest of that or any other day.

A judge once said to me, "I don't believe you. If the abuse was really that bad, you never would have stayed with your husband for 15 years. Nobody could endure that kind of abuse for that long."

I was totally blown away by his lack of compassion and complete ignorance. He clearly had no knowledge of the dynamics of domestic violence or the cycle of abuse.

The fact they don't place their trust in me. The fact they don't believe in me. It's okay they don't agree with my idea but I hate those who degrade me in front of other people. Do you feel happier doing that? Cause I am crying. My parents has time and time again broke my heart. I heard lots of mean things from them. I don't know what else could surprise/shock me.

Today it was the birthday of a colleague of mine, so i went up to him and wished him happy birthday, while we were in the office.

Then i asked him:

Me: why are you here today, don't you want to celebrate your birthday.

He: Man! I didn't even knew it is my birthday today. When I arrived here, everybody started wishing me, then i looked at the date and realised that my birthday is here.

This was pretty surprising to me. I start counting days from a month before my birthday.

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