What is the most underrated country in Asia that is worth visiting?


How many of you have actually heard of that country before? And out of those readers, how many of you have ever seriously considered to book a flight there, opposed to say, Thailand or anything of the sort?

You can walk around town and find a cosy guesthouse to stay for $5. Then, you can stroll to a nearby restaurant for the price of a pen, and eat a meal while lying down on a handwoven pillow watching Family Guy on the TV's above your head - while also overlooking a a fogged up mountain (see below). It is here, you will find yourself in your personal ethereality.

I visited almost all countries in Asia.

And I have few candidates:

  • Iran -extremly friendly peoples, lot of to see, cheap, not to many tourists, still visa on arival nearly for anyone
  • Tajekistan - well almost nothing work there from tourist infrastructure, but amazing mountains, cheap, visa free for lot if countries
  • Lebanon - lot of to see, great wine, you can in day skiing mornings and afternoon swimm in sea, amazing food

I've been to Laos twice. I'm impressed with how much I loved it although I hear next to nothing about how wonderful it is.

I didn't know anything about it either, but was going to renew my visa for Thailand. I ended up spending more time in Laos that I thought I would. My son took me the first time me and we had a lot of fun river boating, staying in a tiny village where he had all ready made friends and talking to people from Laos who seemed to not be bothered by the fact that their country is a Communist nation, one of only 5 in the world.

I went back the next year by myself and did more exploring, motorbiking and discovering the gorgeous waterfalls outside of Luang Prabang. Definitely go!

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Taiwan - it isn't as developed when you compare many of it's cities to China but the people are really friendly. There many natural landscapes and beaches if you are into that kind of thing. In terms of local culture there are many night markets, old temples and great places to get something to eat/drink. I would recommend visiting Taipei and surrounding cities Jiufen and Keelung in the north. Taichung in the mid-west. Hualien in the mid-east and Kaohsiung and Kenting in the south.

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Never assume the weather will stay the same.The weather is generally worse than the rest of the UK - by worse, I mean windier, colder, and wetter (as a rule). Be prepared for it - Billy Connolly once said

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