What is the most underrated video game?

That's a wildly loaded question as it will vary depending on people's taste, interests or even family values.

Anyways, here's a few from me

•Legend of Legaia

This game was an ARPG disguised as an RPG. The story was good but the main thing that set it apart from everything else was the combat system. Like other RPG's, you'd input your commands and the characters would carry them out. But for this game, the combination of the actions you input could mean the difference between a punch or badass combo attacks complete with various effects like firey somersault kicks or a hail of lightning fast kicking attacks. In addition to this, you had to maintain your Ra-Seru, a parasite like creature that granted you various abilities.

•Vagrant Story

At its core, this was another dungeon crawl RPG. But in my opinion , what made it so damn good was the unique art style and the flow of the game. To this day, I have yet to meet other people my age who have played this game. But it's absolutely worth a play

•Dragonball GT Final Bout

Everyone knows what DBGT is. But the game was pretty badass for its time. Like the Saiyans, the more you used a character and his/abilities, the more powerful those characters and abilities became. In addition to this, all the characters in the game had unique forms of attack and even hidden attacks such as Goku's Genki Dama or Majin Buu's self destruct. The game also had the DB style flying rush attacks where the characters would collide in high speed attacks. Although for the purpose of the game, these were done slowly. It was only PlayStation after all lol.

•Nights into dreams

This game was just fun. Plain and simple. Back when the Dreamcast was the new kid on the block, Nights was probably its flagship release. And it was just fantastic. It had a plethora of colors, music, sounds and visuals. The best part was that you played as Nights who was the defender of dreams. Flying around as nights gave you great sense of freedom and mobility as he dispatched the enemies. Honestly the game was made rather kiddish. But itst Sega and family friendly games is kind of their thing.

How much warm up do I need before working out?

You represent the deciding moment your workout before it begins: before you get that barbell and before you heap on the plates, you have to warm up your body to perform your best without fail. Be that as it may, is your warm-up offering you

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If you're asking about flat continuously looped resistance bands, pretty much any brand will do. Over the years, I've used bands from RBT, Rubberbanditz, and AmazonBasics, and they've all worked great.If you're asking about resistance tubing, that's a no-brainer: Bodylastics.

Is it a form of abuse if my husband often demeans me in front of others?

Yes. And from my experience, he is doing other things to ‘abuse' you other than this, you either can't see it or didn't have enough space to write it in your question. I could be completely wrong, but I doubt you have a perfect marriage with this one exception. Emotional abuse