What is the most unethical thing you've known a police officer to do?

We used to have this sweet side job where one of our cities would pay us to patrol the city parks, check on businesses, and do traffic enforcement. The zone officers were often too busy to hit the things the city wanted. On the side job, you didn't have to respond to calls. I loved it because I was a sergrant. I could relax and just be a cop. I could make some DUI arrests without having to be concerned that I was leaving my precinct unsupervised. Working half a night a week brought in an extra $5–6k. That is until someone screwed it up.

One officer billed the city for the side job while he was gone on leave. The detail was canceled. He was fired, but I thought he should be indicted. Yes lied and he stole.

That's a difficult question for me to answer without this explanation as to why: I don't believe in the theory that one bad act is more unethical than the next. In other words, I think ethics are black and white - there is no gray area, and there is never such a thing as an "ethical dilemma"; there is only right and wrong. So, that makes it impossible for me to identify one wrong that is "wronger" than other wrongs.

We know the law is different, and that's a good thing - Petty larceny/grand larceny, involuntary manslaughter/capital murder, etc.

But, I'll quit droning on and say that this cop right here was pure evil: Antoinette Frank - Wikipedia


Have you ever been inappropriately touched in public transport?

I am a middle-aged man and am writing about something that happened in a bus in New Delhi years ago when I was studying there.I was on a long bus ride; I think it was from Haus Khas to Connaught Place. I was sitting in a

Why do ENFP tend to be depressed more often?

It all boils down to our dominant function, Ne, affecting our auxiliary function, Fi.Basically, as Fi-auxs, our Fi is strong, but not as refined as our Ne. We are comfortable with using it, but we are not masters of using it. So, our ability to regulate our emotions can be

What professions are most likely to be depressed?

Many people mentioned dentists and doctors. For most of us it would be a nightmare situation to have to take a knife and cut on someone or poke them. It is stressful and your empathy to other people's pain would have to be forcibly blocked. So maybe in a crisis, we could do it -