What is the most unlikely location you've ever found a snake?

What is the most unlikely location you've ever found a snake?

On the fifth floor of an office building where I worked.

It was found on a dolly loaded down with computer equipment that had been wheeled into a programmer's office. The dolly had been parked briefly outside the main rear doors that morning when the nearby sprinklers were watering the flower beds. An earth snake, which spends much of its time underground searching for earthworms, crawled up on the dolly to escape the water. Earth snakes would drown underground in water-soaked soil and mulch.

I was called to rescue the snake, and I took it downstairs and released it outside the perimeter fence in an open field. This office building was well within the city limits of Houston, and unusual animals I saw on the property included an antlered deer and a nutria.

In my Weimaraner sleeping crate. It was a friends pet python,that used the sleeping dog as heated resting place.

My lingerie drawer.

Is working in Algiers, Algeria safe for an Indian?

salam Alkium wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakhatu..........Algeria is really a great country ............and for a indian it is a good country to live and work.......they Use To watch BOllywood And Indian Dramas...The People of Algeria Are Very Friendly....Thier Currency Rate is LOwer Than Indian Rupees as 1 Indian

How to become more organized

Here are 11 ways you can get more organized:1. Don't let your desk get cluttered.You may think you know exactly where, and in which stack of paper, you can find a particular document. But you're kidding yourself if you don't think you'd be more productive with a clean and organized desk. Just the act of organizing